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The city of Brightspear

Brightspear is a City of Sigmar in Aspiria in the Great Parch of the Realm of Aqshy. [1a] The city's closest neighbors are the Citadel-City of Lumnos and Steel Spike.[3c] It is governed by a Conclave, just like every other City of Sigmar that follows the example of Hammerhal and Azyrheim, but due to the tragedies brought by the Necroquake the city's Stormcast, the Celestial Warbringers, stepped in and put the city under martial law.[3a]


Map of the Old and New City of Brightspear

Age of Myth

During the Age of Myth, the Arch-Domini of the Agloraxi Empire constructed a series of vast underground complexes in northern Aspiria, the greatest of these Agloraxi Citadels was known as the Great Orrery. Here, hidden from the outside world, the Agloraxi Mages conducted their strange and deviant experiments.[3a]

Age of Chaos

Secluded and immersed in their studies, the mages of the Ciradel were not prepared for when the Age of Chaos arrived in the Aspiria. Streaming out from the rift along the Disintegrating Shores came the forces of the god of change, Tzeentch. Hordes of Daemons came over the city, slaughtering its defenders. But not all oppossed the forces of Chaos. Some of the mages below were corrupted long ago and now willingly pleged themselves to Tzeentch.[3a]

In the following centuries the former Agloraxi Citadel became a stronghold for Tzeentch Daemons and Mortals alike. Conducting experiments, more depraved than even the Agloraxi ever dared. And slowly twisting and reshaping the structure of the city itself.[3a]

Age of Sigmar

The Chaos occupation ended when the Stormcast Eternals of the Celestial Warbringers struck the city like lightning. The first strike came when Sigmar himself hurled a meteorite of pure Celestium from the heavens, breaking the city's walls[3b]. With their defence shattered, the warriors of Order drove out the followers of Tzeentch or forced them into hiding in the depths below.[3a] With the city liberated, and in honour of the Celestial Warbringers, it was renamed Brightspear.[3a]

Soon, the forces of Order moved in. Slowly reclaiming the city, removing the taint and corruption of Chaos and building new structure.[3a] Just as the city started to grow, disaster struck. The Necroquake animated the souls of the dead, victims of the Agloraxi and those slain by Chaos. In the end, most of the city's council were slain, and only a fraction of the population remained.[3a]

In the aftermath of this catastrophe, Lord-Arcanum Salonia Gravewing declared martial law. Until a new Chancellor can been found, she is governing the city as Sigmar's representative.[3b]


Brighthall overlooking the city

As with every City of Sigmar that came before it, Brightspear's governing Conclave is modeled after the Grand Conclave of Azyrheim. The Conclave is comprised of a total of thirty-six members, each with their own role within the city's government. The High Arbiter oversees the city's justiciary and lawmaking systems. The city's Magister of the Arcane Collegiate sits on the conclave and represents the interests of the Collegiate. Senior roles are also doled out to the Dean of Domini University and the head of the House of the Kindred Flame. The city's fortifications and other defenses are overseen by the High Artisans. The famed Valius Maliti served as High Architect, responsible for designing the city, until his untimely disappearance. A few other seats are filled by community leaders.[3a]

Tragedy almost immediately befell Brightspear's Conclave after its members were first elected to their positions, as the Necroquake broke across the Mortal Realms not long after. The undead invasion of Brightspear that came after the Necroquake claimed the lives of many of its members, including the Chancellor who headed the Conclave. After the undead scourge was beaten back, Lord-Arcanum Salonia Gravewing of the Celestial Warbringers placed the city under martial law and the Stormcast garrison has been ruling the city in all but name ever since. Many members of the Conclave believe that the Gravewing's refusal to choose a new Chancellor is a means for her to maintain control of the free city for herself.[3a]

Members of the Conclave include:


Like in most other Cities of Sigmar, the people of Brightspear, are made up of many groups of people: settlers from Azyr known as Azyrites who form much of the local upper class, local Aspirians whose ancestors built the citadel-cities, native Reclaimed, known as Ashfoots, Vitrolians from Vitrolia who have by and large turned to organized crime, Fyreslayers of the Vostarg and Greyfyrd Lodges, and many others. Collectively the people of the city are known as Spearians.[3]

There exists some animosity between these groups of people, with prejudices and derogatory terms, like 'Ashfoot' for the native Aqshians, being quite common.[3b]

While Aspirians form a large part of Brightspear's reclaimed population, they are not the only Aqshians. During the Age of Chaos, a number of refugees from nearby Vitrolia sought shelter in Aspiria. When faced with Aspirian prejudices, many Vitrolians struggled to find honest work and were forced into a life of crime to survive.

One of Brightspear's largest criminal outfits, the Vitrolian Redcaps, are run by the descendants of those Vitrolian refugees.[3b]

Mechanical automatons resembling beasts of burden and other animals are a common sight in the streets of Brightspear. These are used to transport goods and people across the city, especially dignitaries, and some businesses like Handa's Livery rent them out for a daily fee. The most common frames are horses, spiders, and salamanders.[4a]


A market in the lower tiers of Brightspear

Most Free Cities of Sigmar's empire are centered around Realmgates that act as major commercial thoroughfares, allowing them to become trading hubs between one or more Realms. But Brightspear has no such lucrative trade route at the heart of their city and must instead rely on the sky-vessels of the Kharadron Overlords to bring goods in and out of the city via the Highport, an enormous structure within the city that sees traffic from many sky-vessels.[3a]

Most mortals require food for sustenance and this holds true for most Spearians, so it is only natural that agriculture has become deeply tied to the economic state of the city of Brightspear. Yet farming and crop development in the Realm of Fire can be a trial even in the best of conditions, and Brightspear being located in the middle of a wasteland is far from ideal, for all but the hardiest of crops. The ancient Agloraxians developed the Hanging Gardens to fill their agricultural needs when they held dominion over the city. In the Age of Sigmar, the Spearians have continued to cultivate these gardens, providing the city with much needed crops.[3a][3b]

Even still the Hanging Gardens alone can not provide for all within the city, and maintaining the crops and their irrigation systems requires continuous work from the Jade Wizards of the Collegiate Arcane and the Ironweld Arsenal. So Brightspear must rely on their allies and trade partners to provide the food they need to survive.[3a]

Food, and other needed materials such as clothing and building material, are shipped in from all across Aqshy. These supplies are most often brought in by the sky-vessels of the Kharadron Overlords, to avoid the dangers that infest the lands such as the Undead hordes of Nagash, volatile warbands of Orruks, and the twisted abominations of the Dark Gods.[3a]

But over reliance on the Kharadron can come at a price as often time the sky Duardin charge extortionate fees or are held back by storms, so some traders will brave the hostile land routes of Aspiria and the rest of the Great Parch. To aid in this endeavor are the Cogforts built by the Ironweld Arsenal, these walking fortresses can transport goods and traders in relative safety. This has allowed a small amount of trade to flow between Brightspear and Lumnos to the south-east. Though the warbands that reside in the frontiers between the cities have taken notice of such convoys.[3a]

The city's economy revolves around Aqua Ghyranis, a magical water from the Realm of Life that has become the premier currency of many of the Cities of Sigmar in the Great Parch and beyond. Other valuable and useful trade commodities such as Shyish black-salt and Bataari firesilk a place in the markets of the city.[3a][3b]

In addition to the Kharadron and Lumnos, Brightspear also trades with the Floating Market of Bataar, some of the nomadic tribes who reside beyond the city, and even the corsairs of Defiance Cove.[3a]


High walls separate the city from the wasteland surrounding it, manned by the Ironweld Arsenal, and its warmachines, these fortifications form the main, but not only, line of defence against Brightspear's foes. In times of war, Brightspear can call on a diverse host of warriors. From the Stormcast Eternals of the Celestial Warbringers, over the mages of the Collegiate Arcane, to the aelven cultists of the Daughters of Khaine and the mercenary Fyreslayers. In times of need, the merchantile Kharadron Overlords even lend their sky-ships to aid in the city's defence.[3a]


Upper City

The upper city and central spire of Brightspear

The city is divided into three districts, the highest of which is the Upper City, or Upper Tier. This tier of the city is built atop a rotating disc, made to follow the movements of Hysh and Ulgu. It is built around the Spear of Heaven, the towering lighthouse at the center of the city.[3a][3b]

  • Brighthall: Stained glass windows depicting the Pantheon of Order are a hallmark of this grand hall, that has been more thoroughly cleanse of Chaos than any other building in the city. It is this hall that serves as the seat of governance in the city and houses the Conclave. Within the hall is a massive hammer-shaped table with thirty-six seats. The Conclave is comprised predominantly of native Aspirians and Azyrites, but there are a number of Bataari, Duardin, and Aelf members as well. Currently Salonia Gravewing, Lord-Arcanum of the Celestial Warbringers and de-facto ruler of the city, has not selected a Chancellor to lead the Conclave and thus the city remains under martial law. While under martial law the Brighthall is off-limits to the general public and under constant guard by the Bright Wardens.[3b]
  • Char Estate: A fine dining establishment among the hanging gardens. Getting a table there is just as much about the food as its about being seen. The owner, Nalton Ferdal, also offers a number of private backrooms, which are often used to make deals of dubious legality. The Char Estate also owns a location at the bright market. A single spiraling staircase and a platform that can be used to board the restaurant when the rotation of the upper city aliagns.[3b]
  • The Exchange: This formidable, box-shaped structure known properly as Horwindle’s Banking House and Reasonable Currency Exchanges and casually as simply the Exchange, is Brightspear's largest banking house. It was established as a joint venture between Kharadron and Bataari merchants. The vaults of the bank are guarded by a very well-paid mercenaries and automated defenses. For a fee the merchants of the Exchange are willing to exchange foreign currencies for ones commonly used in the Realm of Aqshy, such as Aqua Ghyranis, Bataari firesilk, Aether-gold Ingot, gold bullion, and Shyish black-salt. Recently the Exchange has begun experimenting with a new form of commerce, this form of commerce involves investing in the futures of other people's ventures, such as farms, wells, mines. Human merchants have, to the annoyance of their Aelven and Duardin peers, proven to be the most apt of these investors.[3b]
    • Fountain in the Exchange: Within the entranceway is what appears to be an extravagant, obscenely wasteful ornate fountain of Aqua Ghyranis. Unknown to most visitors, the fountain is actually connected to a series of pipes, grates, and fans that recycle the precious water, so that not a single drop is wasted.[3b]
  • Fallen Spire: A former agloraxian spire near the Portentarium, it was brought down during the events of the Necroquake, and now serves as a memorial. Those that died in great tragedies are remembered by getting their names carved into the great stone segments of the spire. Little memorials and candles are just as common as the little orange flowers growing over the rubble and the ruins. [3b]
  • Goods by Gustav: The multi-story, maze-like shop is filled to the brim with all kinds of goods, from small trinkets and exotic foods to arcane items. It's owner is Gustav Olyde, a member of Brightspear's Conclave, a kind and welcoming proprietor. The store is also occasionally provided treasures from Brightspear's Undercity, courtesy of Prezarium Shandos.[3b]
  • Gyroports: These round, copper platforms scattered across the Upper Tier allow wealthy citizens, cargo, and animals to be transported across the many levels of the city with ease, by chartering the use of one of the city's gyrocopters. They are managed and maintained by the Ironweld Arsenal. The Gyroports also serve as the Upper Tier's main link to the towering Highport. Complex contracts between the Arsenal and the Kharadron who own and operate the Highport determine nearly every aspect of the day-to-day operations of the city. There are three varieties of Gyrocraft; Gyrocutters which are used to transport passengers, Gyrofreighters for cargo, and Gyrocopter fighters used for defense. None of the pilots are willing to take their craft beyond the city limits.[3b][3a]
  • Hall of Memory: Housed in the upper areas of a mostly abandoned building, and only accessible by those able to fly, the Hall of Memories is a sacred place for the Stormcast Eternals of the Celestial Warbringers. Confronted with the slow loss of their memories with every reforging, some Stormcasts have started to write down and store their memories, to keep them from being completly lost. These pilgrimage to the Hall of Memories happen always under the cover of night, to keep this place a secret from the rest of the city and the outside world.[3b]
  • Hanging Gardens: Agriculture in the Realm of Aqshy is notoriously difficult. To secure a base supply of food in the dry climate of northern Aspiria, the Agloraxi Empire constructed the Hanging Gardens. Specially selected crops grow side- and downwards from the central plate of the Upper City, maximizing space and using the plates rotation to protect the plants from the intense aqshyian heat. To this day, the Hanging Gardens use old Agloraxi machines to pump water from deep below to the Upper City. During the Age of Myth the gardens were tended to by Agloraxi Automata, but those have long since ceased to function. Instead, Jade Wizards under the command of Druidmaster Torquil now oversee the health and the growth of the plants in the gardens.[3b]
  • High Temple of Sigmar: One of the few buildings in the upper city not built on agloraxian foundations, the High Temple is built from imported, white stone from Azyr. The streets around the High Temple are always crowded with the faithful, humble worshippers, just as much as flagellants, spilling their blood in the streets as an act of penance. Directly connected to the temple is a large crematorium. While cremations are a tradition among the aqshyian population, after the Necroquake, it has become mandatory for all of the city's dead. [3b]
  • House of the Kindled Flame: Founded by the Scholar-Mage Siderean Hallitt from Lumnos, the House is an institute of learning in the style of the House of Rising Embers in Lumnos. To accomondate Hallitt and his institution, the Council demolished a full city block in the Upper City, reusing its material to built the campus of the House. Today, its library alone is larger than all of Arbiter's Fortress combined. With all its labratories, accomondations, staff and teaching rooms, the House of Kindled Flame is often seen as a city within the city.[3b]
  • Luminant Stage: The complex machinery of the theater can move the sets, stages and generate effects like artificial day and night lighting, or sound effects. While the Luminant Stage is mostly used by the Sigmarite Priesthood for short educational plays, a group of young nobles occasionally host nightly, satirical plays for the common folk.[3b]
  • Otram's Court: Named after the Agloraxian Magister Otram, mostly avoided by the city guard, the district is characterized by dark, narrow streets and run down buildings. Even before the Necroquake Otram's court was home to the impoverished, but now after the area is filled with refugees from the New City. Among them, gangs like the Blackbirds or the Vitrolian Redcaps have made their home in the abanddoned buildings of Otram's court.[3b]
  • Nine Globes: The Nine Globes are nine vast spherical structures that extend off the side of Upper Tier thanks to walkway-armatures. Eight of these represent the Mortal Realms and have each been claimed by the colleges of the Collegiate Arcane that practise the associated magical lore. The ninth represents the Realm of Chaos and was smased by the Celestial Warbringers when they conquered the city.[3b]
  • The Phoenix: Owned by the aqshyian Tbus Tolusen, the Phoenix sells high quality clothing to the many Merchants visitng Brightspear. He also offers specially tailored clothes for Human, Duardin, Aelfs or even Sylvaneth.[3b]
  • The Portentarium: This is the foremost Stormkeep of the Celestial Warbringers, built to defend the Spear of Heaven and the Realmgate hidden beneath the city of Brightspear. Originally, the building that has now become the Portentarium was once known as the Hall of Presenters. But the Agloraxi palace has since then disappeared behind an ever expanding network of walls, towers and other fortifications. Most of the Stormkeep is built from bright, quartz-tinted stones from quarries in the nearby Bright Mountains. The inside of the building is richly decorated with frescos detailing the story of the city's conquest by the Celestial Warbringers.[3b]
  • Residence of Valius Maliti: Once the home of Brightspears main architect, this trio of tall metal spires now lie abandoned. Few dare entering this strange building full of secret doors, rooms that are bigger than they appear from the outside, or perches suited for avian creatures.[3b]
  • Speaker's Avenue: A quite street located in Brightspear's Upper City, Speaker's Avenue is home to a number of aqshyian Embassies. Almost all great cities from the Realm of Fire have established an embassy here. The greatest of which is the embassy of the Floating Market, a testament to the close relationship between the bataari and the spearians, and much to the annoyance of the emissary from Hammerhal. The only city for now not from Aqshy, represented on Speakers Avenue is Azyrheim. Plans for an embassy of the Living City have been discussed, but finding accommodations for the Sylvaneth emissary have delayed these for now. Several Kharadron Sky-ports are keeping a close eye on the development of the city, waiting for the right moment. The attempts of the city council to establish diplomatic relations with the Fuethán enclave of the Idoneth Deepkin have been without success so far. [3b]
  • Spear of Heaven: Tallest of Brightspear's many spires, the Spear of Heaven is the first thing any traveler coming to the city sees. Despite it's massive size, the Spear of Heaven is hollow. At its center is an elevator shaft, connecting Brightspear's highest and lowest points. At the top sits an ancient, bright, white crystal. Once, its shine had been used as a guiding light, but ever since the Age of Chaos, it has remained dark. Neither the followers of Tzeentch, nor the greatest mages of Aspiria had any success in waking the crystal from it's slumber. At the bottom of the Spear lies the chamber of the Agloraxi Realmgate, inexorably linked the beacon above.[3b]
  • Twelve Taps: Owned by the Far Trader Pinaar, the Twelve Taps sells a wide variety of fine and unusual brews. The calm and peaceful atmosphere of the Twelve Taps even attracts the Stormcasts of the Celestial Warbringers, who spend their few peaceful moments in the open courtyard.[3b]

Lower City

Brightspear Highport and Kharadron Overlords Sky-vessels

The Lower City, or Lower Tier is located below the spinning disc that is the Upper City and is much of it is cast in perpetual shadow, and those residing within it are forever subjected to the grinding noises of the tier above them.[3a]

  • Emberwalk: The ground of this section of Lower Tier is warm to the touch, in spite of being within the shadow of the Upper City plate. This is thanks to the emberstone found within the district's streets, it is these shards of realmstone that gave the district it's namne. It is where many of the less affluent Azyrites reside, though none can say they live in discomfort.[3b]
    • Black Spots: Many of the dark, and shaded places in the Lower City have been turned into public areas, small islands of tranquility amidst the bustling city life. They are often decorated with reclaimed rubble, and monuments carved from smooth, black stone. Most elaborate near the central spire, they become more minimalist and rare the further one ventures out towards the New City.[3b]
    • Bright Warden Barracks: A collection of different buildings connected by a series of bridges and alleys, all decorated with the purple and white of the Bright Wardens company. The Bright Warden act as a guard and firewatch for the lower levels of Brightspear. Following the Necroquake, the Wardens have started offering basic training in weapon and firearms use for the local residents. [3b]
    • Brightspear Bugle: The Bugle offers a quick way to transport all kinds of messages across the city. From the Spear of Heaven and the Upper City, down to the outskirts of the new city. The children employed by the Bugle can be identified by their bright blue badges. It originally started as a few kids waiting around one of the crossroads leading up into the Upper City, but now has grown to fully occupy two buildings in the lower city. In addition to their traditional services, the Brightspear Bugle also now offers compilations of news and rumors, their so called "Tattle Sheets".[3b]
    • Bridge of the Pantheon: A shinning, metal bridge connecting multiple blocks in the lower city. Its sides are lined by statues dedicated to the current and former members of Sigmars Pantheon. Spearians crossing the bridge often give offerings to the different gods at the foot of their respective statue, including metal ingots for Grungni and little hammer shaped pendants for Sigmar. Although Nagashs statue still stands, the only offering the Spearians give him is contempt. Between all this, the Vitrolian Redcaps have come to execute their victims by throwing them over the sides of the bridge.[3b]
    • Handa's Livery: With food and water being as rare as they are, beasts of burden are a rare sight in Brightspear. In their place, alternatives have found their niche. One of them are the steam-powered Automata built by the Duardin Handa Brighthammer. When there is a need to haul goods across Brightspear, Handa is all too happy to rent out her Automata. [3b]
    • Penumbra's: A small boutique, down the winding streets of the lower city. The unique creations of the Aqshian Penumbra are worn at all the finest events in the Old City, and she is slowly making a name for herself among the Azyrite elite of Brightspear.[3b]
    • Smoke Without Fire: In the relaxed atmosphere of this smoking house, the elite of the upper city mixes with foreign traders and the merchants of the Bright Market. Between the clouds of smoke, informations change hands, trade deals are concluded and promises made. Yet, even in this relaxed atmosphere, security is tight, as many of the more influential patrons bring their own bodyguard with them.[3b]
    • Wanderer's Grove: A small and quite district located near the base of the Spear of Heaven. Many of the buildings in Wanderer's Grove are painted in a shade of green, their rooftops given over to gardens of shadow loving plants. The grove is mostly inhabited by those Wanderers unable to continue wandering the realms, the old, the sick and the injured. They have resigned themselves to their fate, and made Brightspear their permanent home. From this comes a form of grim determination, as every day Aelf militias can be seen training with bow and spear. Humans usually stay out of the grove, only for their night-long festivals do the different people of Brightspear intermingle here.[3b]
  • The Bright Market: A sprawling market that is located predominantly in Lower Tier, though parts of it bleed into New City as it stradles the border of the two. It has grown large enough that it is considered a district in it's own right. With many stores doubling as houses trading and audible bartering often starts early in the morning, and continues into the late hours[3a]
    • Firehawk Expeditions: A small store, hidden away in a side-alley near the market. The store, run by the Duardin Morna Firehawk, advertises itself as provider for all kinds of equipments, in truth, the little store is more known for all the different kinds of exotic weapons sold in a small backroom.[3b]
    • Foundling Academy: Part orphanage, part hot kitchen, the Foundling Academy is run by three human sisters who try to take care of those children orphaned by the Necroquake, or who's parents are unable to care for them. While the three try their best to take care of all the children under their protection, they still send out a few children to beg for a few drops here and there to help run the orphanage. Not a few of those children had a run in with the Vitrolian Redcaps, some went on to fully joing their gang. While the sisters have closed their eyes towards this development, the Vitrolians have come to put the orphanage under their protection.[3b]
    • The Highport: The second tallest building in all of Brightspear, and main mooring station for all kinds of aircrafts. Designed and built by the Kharadron Overlords, their sky-vessels enjoy exclusive access to the top most platforms. The lower ports are used by the Ironweld Arsenal Gyrofreighters, while the nearby Gyroports over transportation to all places inside the city walls, for a fee.[3b]
    • The Hook: A solid built, two-storey Inn is a bit pricier than the other establishments near the Highport, but the beds are comfortable and the food is good. Captain Halvesilver and his crew of Humans and Duardin also run a small stable and a bath house for their paying guests.[3b]
    • Karfi's Place: A small dusty restaurant specialized in Azyrite cusine. Despite being one of the best places to eat Azyrite meals in Brightspear, there are rarely guests seen inside. For Karfi's place is just a front for his smuggling buisness, and not a few clueless outsiders got a taste of Karfi's more direct side when they overstayed their welcome. [3b]
    • Lowstone's: Inn and integrated tavern by the former merchant Gomdar Lowstone. Priding itself on its cheap prices and spartan atmosphere, Gomdar originally offered only bare stone for Duardin to sleep on, but since has made accommodations for Human and Aelf guests.[3b]
    • Oil Wells: Andun Makler sets up his food cart where ever there is space. While everything that comes out of his big vat of boiling is tasty, its not the healthiest food in the Bright Market.[3b]
    • The Prince of Bataar: A cooperation of the Fartraders of Bataar, and the Kharadron Overlords, the Prince is a general goods store housed in a large airship, floating above the streets of the market down below. Thanks to its links to Bataar, the Prince offers all kinds of goods, exotic and mundane.[3b]
    • Teukes' Miraculous Tonics:Old Teukes insists that he was once a professor at the Nine Globes, but kicked out for being too forward thinking. While most of the tonics and elixors sold by him are completly ordinary, his stories are always entertaining. And sometimes, a bottle does in fact have magical properties. [3b]
  • The Bastion: This district is dominated by the campus of the Domini University and purports itself as a 'bastion of knowledge and enlightenment.' Though it is not entirely a bastion of safety. Many are also unhappy to have a college dedicated to studying the ways of the oppressive Agloraxi at the heart of the city and the tales of Tzeentchian influence spreading through the district are even more worrying.[3b]
    • Domini University: The Domini University is ostensibly a school dedicated to studying the history of the Agloraxi Empire. However, the school's dean has recruited many disgruntled Aspirian Bright Mages and heads a niche faction that seeks to restore the empire. The school is also known for stockpiling Agloraxi artefacts.[3b]
    • Fellowship of the Open Eye: A building in the heart of the lower city has become the nightly meeting place of different neighbourhood watch organisations from all over the lower city. While some threats have been uncovered thanks to them, most of the time these organisations are misinterpreting facts, fall for fabricated rumors, or accuse innocents. Unbeknownst to the members of the Fellowship of the Open Eye, their leaders are followers of the God of Change, subtily directing these concerned citizens away from the machinations of Tzeentch.[3b]
    • Maltzana Crucible: The unofficial nickname given to the Maltzana Phrontistery boarding school. The learning institute for children six years and up occupies an entire campus in the lower city. Maybe due to its strict curricilum and crueling practices, the Crucible as earned a reputation of raising the brightest minds of Brightspear. Many of its graduates go on to be welcomed to the House of Kindled Flames, or the Domini University, some even show magical talent and join the Collegiate Arcane.[3b]
    • Maroon Tower: Named after the maroon colored banners of the Celestial Warbringers. The Maroon Tower is an observatory built by Lord-Ordinator Kysmetra Heavensight. Its foundation, a meteorite of pure Celestium, hurled by Sigmar himself as the first strike in the city's conquest. The powers of the azyrite Realmstone and the tower's Arcanoscope allowed Kysmetra Heavensight to uncover Tzeentchs schemes against the city.[3b]
    • Signar's Hope: One of the few buildings in the New City to survive the Necroquake, the benefactress has opened the doors of Sigmar's Hope to all those who have lost everything. While outwardly looking like a welcoming and hospitable place, Sigmar's Hope is permeated with secrets rooms and hidden passages.[3b]
  • Crookhaven: This section in Lower Tier is firmly below the spinning plate of High Tier and is thus cloaked in near eternal shade and it is connected to six other districts. This lethal combination has made it the perfect breeding ground for criminal activity, as it is both hard for Freeguilds to police and gives enterprising gangs many avenues to expand.[3a]
    • Bleak Stockade: A bleak and dark building, as old as Brightspear itself. Its used to house hundreds of prisoners, from drunkards to serious criminals awaiting transfer to the Arbiter's Fortress in the New City. While the building is an unpleasant place normally, in the aftermath of the Necroquake a passage to the underground passages of Brightspear has opened itself. Now the worst of the worst are confined to these dark subterranean chambers. Not everyone send down there also returns, some say they escaped into the wider network of catacombs, or died trying. The Bleak Stockade is run by a Freeguild known as the Turnkeys. Famously corrupt, the wardens of the Bleak Stockade are all too happy to pass on messages, smuggle goods or even allow unauthorized visits in exchange for a sizeable bribe. In case of attack, they are authorized to bring the prisoners to the front line, so that they may do their part in the defense of the city. A rule which has resulted in the wardens having come to refer to the prisoners as "First Blood". [3b]
    • Great Parch Brewing Co.: The dry climate in Aspiria and the general water shortage in Brightspear makes normal beer brewing almost impossible. As a result, the companies fungus beer is the only truly spearian beer in the city. While ideal for the dry climate, the fungi grown in the buildings basement occasionally release a poisonous gas, causing sickness in the surrounding area.[3b]
    • Long Lane Steam Baths: With water being a rare good in Brightspear, most of it is allocated to the Upper City and the all important farms. The lower city has to make due with the rests. While cooking and drinking is possible, bathing is an unimaginable luxory for most. Long Lane Steam Baths trys to make the most of it, by creating hot steam from waste water splashed on chunks of Emberstones. The people of the lower city have come to see their trips to the Steam house not only as a hygenic activity, but also as an opportunity to meet up and socialise.[3b]
    • Valor: An underground gambling ring, always moving between dark backrooms of inns and taverns to abandoned factories and storage facilities. High stake card and dice games are popular, and not rarely do tempers flare up and differences are settled violently. But the biggest draw of it are the high risk dares. Payed very well, but often deadly, the patrons of Valor are always looking for new people to take on extraordinary risks for a good chunck of currency.[3b]
    • Wyrmfoot's: The pub has a reputation for being the roughest establishment in all of Crookhaven and being only open to locals. Stabbings and deaths are not uncommon in the pubs drinking room.[3b]
    • Zilfer's Cabinet of Curiosoities: A collection of strange artefacts and oddities from across the Mortal Realms. Carved shyishian obsidian, treassures of Nulahmia, or Aetherquartz from Hysh, or so did Dikan Zifler, creator of this collection, claim. Even though many well travelled Spearians have declared most of it junk, Zifler's heir has opened the collection to the public and turned it into a museum, luring in the gullible at day, while neighbours complain about strange noises and mysterious lights at night. Which only further feeds the rumors that one of his artefacts has killed Dikan Zifler, or maybe, he was killed by a thief, who took with them Ziflers most prized artefact.[3b]

New City

A district in the New City

The New City is the ever-expanding outer districts of Brightspear. Here new buildings are made from the rubble and remains of the Agloraxi ruins and those of the Tzeentchian cults that ruled before the coming of the Celestial Warbringers. The Agloraxi were talented city builder, and the remains of their sleek towers, a spider-like web of passageways and bridges can still be seen to this day, as the planners of Brightspear prefered to cleanse and re-use what they had, instead of burning it all to the ground. So the modern New City is a mix of new and old, coming together according to the plans of the great architect Valius Maliti.[1a][3a][3b] The new city is the fastest growing district of Brightspear, Azyrite settlers and reclaimed Aqshians arriving almost daily. And so the city continues to grow in rings, each encircling the last.[3a]

  • Ashfoot: Hostilities between the Reclaimed and Azyrites seem to be ever present in the Cities of Sigmar, and Brightspear has not escaped this unfortunate commonality. The District of Ashfoot gets it's name from a derogatory term the Azyrites use for the Reclaimed, but the locals have taken to wearing this name with pride. In addition to the Reclaimed, there are many Dispossessed living in this district.[3b]
    • Cacaodorous Passage: A small alley, during day home to the tanneries and dyers of Brightspear, and at night a playground for the thrill seeking youth of the city. Daring stunts, roof-top races or other high adrenaline activities are common, and its almost impossible to not come across such a group while passing through the passage at night.[3b]
    • Cirina's Coneys: A small rabbit farming operation started by a group of orphans in a burned out, former warehouse. With meat being a rare luxury for most Spearians, the group around Cirina has found quite the success in selling rabbit meat to the people of the New City.[3b]
    • Flavian's Infirmary[3b]
    • Logan's Emporium[3b]
    • Shimmering Tower: Hidden among the skyline of Brightspear trough magical illusions and light bending, the Shimmering Tower is one of the last strongholds of the former rulers of Brightspear. Unable to openly challenge the people of the God-King, the followers of Tzeentch have barricaded themselves in their hidden lair. Only coming out protected by disguises and illusions, to steal important artefacts, or to abduct unlucky Spearians. From the shadows, they carefully engineer a takeover of the city, to bring it back under their controll, and to avoid Brightspear be drowned in Warpfire by the Changer of Ways. Some of the members of the Shimmering Tower have infiltrated Spearian High Socitey, like the tower’s master, Halard Jasten, who disguised himself as an Aspirian mage.[3b]
  • The Foundry: This New City section is the oldest industrial district of the city and is where many of the leading members of the city's Ironweld Arsenal live and work here. But in recent years it has soared in reputation, leading to many wealthy traders, merchants, and craftsfolk to seek real estate in this district to turn into homes.[3b]
    • Cogwork Megadepot 1[3b]
    • Cross-Swords[3b]
    • Grand Pyre[3b]
    • Shrine of Holy Sigmar the Protector[3b]
  • Ironroads: The beating heart of industry within Brightspear. This section is where many of the Ironweld's workers work and reside, along with their families. It is also where many of the members of the Freeguild regiments reside with their families. The roads are purposefully made to be wide.[3b]
    • Cogwork Megadepot 2[3b]
    • Cogwork Megadepot 3[3b]
    • The Pickled Efreet[3b]
    • The Winds[3b]
  • The Gateway: Yet another sprawling New City district, centered around the main entrance into the city (though most folk arrive via air traffic). It is here where the Arbiter's Fortress looms and as a result, order and law prevail above all else.[3b]
    • Arbiter's Fortress: An imposing black fortress, serving as barracks for the city's Freeguilds, courthouse and seat of office of the High Arbiter. The current High Arbiter Vordryan and his second Lionel Torchbearer are known to grant little mercy to the convicted criminals of Brightspear. Many unlucky souls found themselves locked away in the dark dungeons below the keep, or on the "Last Commandment", a executioners block in the plaza before the fortress. Torchbearer especially, is known for having Tzeentch cultist be thrown from the tall, black, walls of the Arbiter's Fortress.[3b]
    • The Cauldron: This monolithic coliseum, funded in part by the Floating Market of Bataar is a rare example of a grand civic work in Brightspear constructed without religious or military applications in mind. The impressive stadium plays host to a number of spectacle sports (most involve setting things on fire), plays both of the melodramatic and comedic variety, and many other death-defying feats. Though bloodsports are typically frowned upon in Aspiria, an exception is made for the Daughters of Khaine and their bloody performances in the arena. There is an enchanted pyre at one end of the stadium, in echo of one of the many traditions carried over from the Age of Myth when the nations of Bataar and Aspiria would host monumental sporting competitions.[3b]
    • The Gatewatch Inn: One of the first Inns a traveler sees after arriving trough the gates of Brightspear. Run by the Human Gardbold clan, the Gatewatch Inn can not shine with especially good food or comfortable rooms, but its clean, safe and affordable. The Gardbolds were one of the earliest Aspirian settlers to arrive after the liberation of the city, and so the Inn has built a reputation as one of the oldest institutions of the city, and quite a few heroes and legends of Brightspear and Aspiria have spent a night or two here.[3b]
  • Coldfyre: This section is comprised of two large, extensive urban blocks. One is home to Fyreslayer Lodges descended from Vostarg and Greyfyrd, the other is home to an aelven shrine dedicated to the Ur-Phoenix, a Godbeast whose teachings of reincarnation through fire are unsurprisingly popular in Aqshy.[3b]
    • Fyreslayer Barrack Lodge[3b]
    • The Shadow Markets[3b]
    • Shrine of the Fallen Resplendent[3b]
  • Beyond the Walls[3b]
    • Nor'West Ward: A giant construction site centered around, what was planned to be, Megadepot 4. But chaos tainted beasts, and lingering undead have thrown of the planned timetable of the city planners. Attempts to clear out and tear down the ruins to make way for new construction sites have taken a toll on the work crews. Not a few workers have fallen victim to beasts, monsters and the lingering taint of chaos. On top, the insistence of the scholars of the House of Kindled Flame to study each block before they get torn down have slowed down the process even further.[3b]
    • The White Lion: A rock formation outside of the city walls. Salt deposits and erosion have given it the look of a snarling great cat. While it is just an amusing rock formation for most Spearians, the Aelfs of Wanderer's Grove claim it to be bad luck to climb it.[3b]


The Agloraxi Realmgate in the Undercity

Brightspear's unofficial fourth district, the Undercity is a massive, ever-changing labyrinth of hallways and vaults deep inside the old Agloraxi Citadel. A number of secret, hidden entranceses are hidden all over the city, allowing adventurers and scavengers entry into its depths.[3a]

  • Hidden Paths: Both the agents of the Darkling Covens and the criminal gangs of the city are using the tunnels of the Undercity to quickly move around, hidden from the public eye. While the Darkling Coven hide their pathways with illsuroy magic, the Vitrolian Redcaps have come to use them as hideouts. Smuggling contraband trough well explored tunnels, while avoiding the horrors of the deeper levels.[3b]
  • Agloraxi Vaults: Inside the Undercity there are a number of old laboratories and workshops, used by the Arch-Domini of the Agloraxi Empire in ages past. Some harbor prototypes of the empires most powerful weapon, while others have seen most deviant experiments.[3b]
  • Agloraxi Realmgate: Hidden deep inside the Citadel lays the Agloraxi Empire greatest achievement, and the reason for Sigmars interest in Brightspear, a man-made Realmgate. Accessible from an elevator shaft inside the Spear of Heaven, the Realmgate chamber mirrors the nine orbs of the Great Orrery above. When powered by the Beacon of the Spear of Heaven, the Gate can be used to access any of the eight Mortal Realms and the Realm of Chaos[3a]

Notable Citizens



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