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Wolfships are one of the most common seaworthy vessels used by the Scourge Privateers.[1a] Wolfship fleets can often be found in the presence of Black Arks, the imposing flagships of Fleetmasters.[3a]


Wolfships' are slender, predatory sea vessels propelled by sail-and-oar that prowl the open oceans until their holds are fit to bursting with loot.[2][3a][6a]

They are armed with harpoon launchers and bolt throwers and unlike Freeguild ships cannons are avoided to ensure prey is relatively intact to maximize the plunder and also make it easier to capture certain beasts alive.[6a]


Wolfships are swift-moving vessels that can be used for a variety of purposes. Most often they serve as raiding vessels, for when the Scourge Privateers that crew them seek to take loot.[1a][3a] They are also often found in convoys and armadas surrounding the much larger Black Arks, pride of any Black Ark Fleetmaster's fleet.[3a]

Known Ships