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Nomad Prince 01.png
A Nomad Prince.
Grand alliance Order
Associated factions Cities of Sigmar
Races Aelf
Mounts Fey Steed
Creatures Bird of Prey

Wanderers once fought for the Realm of Ghyran, now these warriors of the wilderness fight to return life to the Mortal Realms.[1]


Age of Myth

The Wanderer Kings were once defenders of Alarielle and her children, the Sylvaneth. In the Age of Myth they dwelt in great canopy-cities deep within continent-sized forests in the Realm of Ghyran.[1][2a]

Age of Chaos

Eventually, dissidents among the Wanderers rise to pre-eminence and convince their fellows to abandon the Realm of Ghyran, believing the realm to be doomed. One night they lead the populace through the Twining Portal into the Cascading Path and from there they flee to the relative safety of the Realm of Azyr. In doing this they abandon both Alarielle and the Sylvaneth to their fate[1a]

Age of Sigmar

The Wanderers remain true to their heritage, weaving spells of everoak and bitterthorn, they can move like shadows through the forests of the realms. Yet they still remain estranged from the goddess they abandoned. [1][2a]

Still, the Wanderers, who returned to the wider Realms in the wake of Sigmar's Tempest, continue to fight and cherish the magic of life. They follow the light of Sigendil seeking the broken trails of ancient ley-lines and restore them with waystones, strange arcane artefacts created during the formation of the Mortal Realms to soothe the tormented wilds and erase the taint of Chaos from the earth.[2a]


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