Sister of the Watch

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Ten Sisters of the Watch miniatures.

The Sisters of the Watch are elite warriors and master archers of the Wanderers, there being few finer sharpshooters. Amongst their duties is to protect the magical streams of power, the ancient ley lines of the Mortal Realms. [1a][2][3a][3b]

The Sisters are led by a High Sister.[1a][2][3a][3b]


They prefer to fight their battles at range using enchanted Watch Bows which can unleash enchanted, eldritch arrows that burn with white-blue flames that sets the Chaos-tainted flesh on fire. Should it come to it, they have Ithilmar Swords, with leather and metal scabbards, for use in melee. For protection they wear chainmail and head decorations with heart-shaped gemstones.[1a][2][3a][3b]




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