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Five Dark Riders miniatures.

The Dark Riders are Aelves of the Shadowblades. [1a]

Trained killers mounted on Shadowmares, infamous steeds from the Realm of Ulgu they are sent after prey that has fled from a stalking Shadowblade Assassin, using barbed spears, volleys of bolts from their repeater crossbows or even just the obsidian hooves of their horses to claim their prize. When called upon they can also fight with armies of Order, attacking enemy patrols, warmachine, lines of supply and camps, striking from the shadows before fading back into the darkness before the foe can strike back. [1a][2]


The Riders are led by a Herald and are often supported by a Hornblower and Standard Bearer. [1b]

Each of them is armed with a Repeater Crossbow, Barbed Spear a sheathed Sword and protect themselves with embossed Darkshields.[1b][2]



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