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The Free City of Tansis was a City of Sigmar found in the Spiral Crux of Chamon. It was destroyed when the Silver Tower of the Eater of Tomes exploded in the Rusted Wastes .[1a]


Age of Sigmar

When the Silver Tower of the Eater of Tomes that had crashed down on the Rusted Wastes exploded it created arcane storms and tectonic shocks that ravaged the surrounding lands. The Free City of Tansis was one casualty of the event, as a great wave of molten metal swallowed the entire city.[1a]


The Free City of Tansis was home to fifty-thousand individuals when the Silver Tower of the Eater of Tomes fell. All were consumed by the tsunami of molten metal that wracked the lands upon which their city was built.[1a]


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