Katrik le Guillion

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Katrik le Guillion was Prime Commander of the city of Hammerhal during the Time of Tribulations [1]

A woman renowned for her incisive mind, sharp sense of style, and friends in very low places. She was also said to hold grudges against non-humans and wore contact poison on her fingernails. [1]

She wears amethyst glasses. [1]


The former commander of the Bleak Island Sellswords, Katrik le Guillion who had famously destroyed broken a greenskin horde on the rocks of the Cliffdiver Coast. [1]

In the Time of Tribulations it was said that she had simply bought her way onto the Stormrift Conclave and was welcomed as she had no fear of the aelves. [1]


Is no-one concerned about the message this sends? That the end justifies the means? What does this tell the next generation, and the next, even if we somehow win peace enough to raise them?

~ Katrik le Guillion to the Stormrift Conclave .[1]