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Highcrater Watch was a Swifthawk Agents station in the Tarrowhane Mountains of the Jade Kingdom of Verdantia in the Realm of Ghyran.

This page contains spoilers for: Blacktalon: First Mark (novel)


For some thirty years, the station operated, patrolling the clouds and bearing messages between the cities of Order.[1a]

The outpost was attacked by a unseen powerful enemy, with all present except the Great Hawk Thiri, the ranger Thindrael Anyaerios and his great hawk, Hasha being killed.[1a] The resulting ruins were a mass of magical transformation and melding of flesh and stone as well as strange fungal growth. [1b]


It was not a large outpost and mainly consisted of a stone tower and various outbuildings. The tower had a pair of perches, covered ledges (north and south) where a pair of Great Hawks roosted with the skycutters. [1a]

Known Personnel

  • Aelf
    • Khaelyen: A ranger who made for the north perch in an attempt to escape.[1a]
    • Nestrael: A ranger, she was torn apart early in the attack. [1a]
    • Pellyria: A ranger who made for the north perch in an attempt to escape.[1a]
    • Rellythl: A ranger, he managed to sound the alarm as the attack progressed. {{Fn|1a}
    • Thindrael Anyaerios: Ranger who survived the attack but died at the hand of a Putrid Blightking on his return.[1a] [1b]
    • Yllith: Ranger who died in the attack saving his lover, Thindrael. [1a]
  • Great Hawk
    • Hasha: He survived the attack and flew Thindrael to safety but was killed on their return to the ruins. [1a] [1b]
    • Thiri: She survived the attack and flew away at the command of Yllith. [1a]


The description of the attack where the enemy are cloaked in illusion, use magical fire and transformative magic’s and the resulting ruins as well that followers of Nurgle were later investigating the ruins all point towards followers of Tzeentch being responsible for the attack.


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