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Grombrindal in his guise as Wittrom of the Dispossessed

Grombrindal, the White Dwarf, is the namesake of the White Dwarf Magazine. He is an ancient Dwarf, that was sent into the realms to guide and nurture Duardin. He accomplishes this with his collective wisdom, and the ability to be seen as a member of the Duardin culture's who look upon him. Viewed as almost an equal to Grungni, and able to face combat with Morathi, he is a beint of considerable power and wisdom. [1][5a].


Age of Myth

Grombrindal was forged by Grungni over the course of many centuries towards the end of the age of myth, and the dawn of the age of chaos. He was reforged from his own legend and lore from the Old World. Grungni sent him out as an emmisary and a watcher, to travel the realms aiming to preserve Duardin ways, yet allow them to change with the eventual aim of re-unification.[1]

Age of Sigmar

Over the centuries Grombrindal aided Duardin of all creeds and cultures. At Skarravorn a runeson's naming ceremony almost ended in disaster when the child was dropped. Gromrbindal, disgused as a hearthkarl, aided the childs mother in descending into a fiery inferno, and fighting back a Magmadroth mother, allowing the infant to be returned unharmed. [2a]

The Bearded Dragon, a pub located in the Copper Hills on a former trade road between Barak-Zilfin and Barak-Urbaz raised and owned by Dispossessed Duardin, was habitually visited by Grombrindal. Once a year a tradition was held, where a uniquely wonderful beer was made (named "the special"). So expected and welcomed was Grombrindal (here he took the mantle of an elderly Dispossessed named "Whitebeard), that an antique pewter tankard was set aside for him. When the pub was attacked by Nighthaunt, Grombrindal and the landlady alone fought them off. [3a]

Ironweld Engineer Rikkorn Mikazrin travelled the dangerous wilds of Hysh with Gomrbindal. Gormdal (the pseudonym used in this example), encouraged Mikazrin to continue his crafts, even when he doubted his skill compared to the aelves at a craft fair. Furthermore, local Fyreslayers allowed him to utilise their forges to craft an awe-inspiring hextant, the arcendulum. This allowed the engineer to show the Aelves the ingenuity of the Duardin races.[4a]

Wystkarn, was a guise used by Grombrindal to help protect a Kharadron fleet headed for Barak-Zilfin. Alongside, Brynt Gambson, captain of the Sistrom, he fought back Daughters of Khaine and even stood his own against Morathi. [5a]

Notably, Grombrindal has accompanied Gotrek under the nom de guerre of Wittrom on multiple occasions.[6a] [7] Accompanying, Gotrek, he explored a Silver Tower, and tried to steer Gotrek away from vengeance. He also explored the ruins of Ahramentia, helping put undead Duardin souls to rest. [6a]


Grombrindal is known to take on many different forms while traversing the Mortal Realms, all of them with their own names and appearances. To the Duardin of the Copperback Hills he appeared as Whitebeard, to the Skarravorn lodge he was Askharn, he has been known as Gormdal the Wanderer a Ironweld engineer of no school, some Kharadron know him as a Grundcorps gunner known as Wytskarn, and the adventurers Gotrek Gurnisson and Maleneth Witchblade know him as Witromm.[1a][2a][3a][4a][5a][6a]

When attempting to bring peace between the heirs of Korgrun Dunrakul, he took the guises of Gromrhun when interacting with the Dispossessed of the Dunrakul Clan, Azkaharr when interacting with the Fyreslayers of Dunr Lodge, and Wyram to the Kharadron of the Karag Dawrkhaz outpost.[9a][9b]

Weapons and Equipment

In his Unforged form he is armed with the Twin Axes of Grombrindal. [8a]


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  • Grombrindal has his own section in White Dwarf called "Ask Grombrindal" In this section he answers questions about Warhammer 40000 and Age of Sigmar.
  • In Spear of Shadows by Josh Reynolds - Chapter 18, Grungni converses with a robed duardin who was only referred to as "Whitebeard", "The Old One" or "Grandfather". It is not confirmed, but also not excluded, that this could have been an appearance of Grombrindal in an Age of Sigmar story.
  • Grombrindal has many Promotional Miniatures, but most of them are inspired by other system like Warhammer 40000 or Bloodbowl.