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The Gallowsmen is a Freeguild regiment from the city of Nordrath.[1a]


At the end of the Age of Myth the original regiment was formed of criminals from the region that had been granted a reprieve from the hangmans noose whilst officers were made up from the Duke's executioners and led in battle by Duke Lorcus himself [1a]

They saw service and won recognition in the campaigns before the closing of the Gates of Azyr. [1a]

In the Age of Sigmar, Albain Locus led them as part of the reclamation of the city of Caddow where they fought hard in the ensuing conflict against the forces of Chaos.[1]


Like many similar regiments, commissions can and frequently are bought which gives the unit a source of income when not on campaign. Consequently the officer class is now being formed mainly by sons and daughters of the nobility of the city. [1a]

The Tenth Cohort is armed with swords, shields and crossbows. [1b]


Most are armed with halberds, shields and swords or handguns, they wear blue trimmed grey uniforms with round helms although the handgunners wear the distinctive feathered caps of the clans of the Smoak Fens. [1a]

A coloured rope noose around their neck still forms part of their uniform, the colour donating their rank. [1a]

  • Bare black for rank and file. [1a]
  • Azure for officers. [1b]

Notable Members


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