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Dagoleth is a City of Sigmar spread across a region of plains in Thyria, a Jade Kingdom of the Everspring Swathe.[1a][1e]


Age of Sigmar

During their war with the Orruks of the Gellid Swamps, the people of Dagoleth hired warriors of the Kavgad, a Fyreslayer Lodge who dye their beards green.[1b]

Sometime later the city launched a Dawnbringer Crusade across the plains of Thyria which would be ambushed by an army of Hedonites of Slaanesh. The only known survivor of this massacre was Amara Fidellus.[1a]



The Dagolethi use aurochs to plough the fields outside their city.[1e]


The people of the city are known as Dagolethi. Dagolethi place great importance on repaying debts and obligations they owe to others, as, to them, there can be no freedom for a Dagolethi who owes obligation to another.[1d]


The Dagolethi do not make use of currency, instead, they prefer to use a system in which goods and services are exchanged for favours, oaths, and obligations. In spite of this they are capable of hiring mercenaries who work exclusively for gold, such as the Kavgad.[1a][1c]


  • Healing Temples: People come to these temples for aid when epidemics of dropsy and distemper spread through the city .[1c]


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