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Vostarg icon 01.jpg
Affiliation Order
Status Active
Leaders Bael-Grimnir
Races Duardin
Beasts Magmadroths
Capital Furios Peak
Settlements Vostargi Mont
Territory Cynder Peaks
Colours Orange
Battle Cry Vostargi garaz!
Government Monarchy

The Vostarg are the largest and most powerful of the fyreslayer Lodges and the descendants of the original Vostarg, foremost of the First-Forged - in fact, many among the current Vostarg still consider themselves to be the last of the First Forged. They are aggressive and deadly mercenaries who have won renown - and more importantly huge quantities of Ur-Gold - in battles across the Realms. Bael-Grimnir, the current Runefather, is counted among the greatest of the fyreslayers. A grizzled veteran, he has led his lodge though innumerable wars across all the Realms.[1b]


The primary fiefdom of the Vostarg is the Cynder Peaks of Aqshy where the sprawling underground magmahold of the Vostarg buries deep beneath Furios Peak and where Bael-Grimnir sits upon the fyrethrone. The towering volcano Vostargi Mont is the arguably the second greatest holding of the Vostarg. The volcano was created where the embers of Grimnir's demise hit the ground in the Flamescar Plateau. The fortress is open to all Fyreslayers and has been mined by many lodges, but it is ruled by the Vostarg. The volcano is also rich in obsidian valuable to the local tribes.[1a]


First Forged

The original Vostarg Lodge were one of the primogenitor lodges - also known as the First-Forged - who lived when Grimnir still walked the Realms. Their original magmahold, the Vosforge was the largest of the magmaholds within the Salamander's Spine mountain range.[1a]

Notably they were hired to defend the city of Shadespire but when it was cursed by Nagash the fyreslayers were unable to protect it and the city was banished to the void between Realms. They felt their oath had not been fulfilled, so every hundred years since that failure, the Vostarg send a fyrd into the ruins of the city to try and save it. None have ever succeeded or even returned. Thousands of warriors have ventured into the city in the centuries after that event, but only one Runefather has ever entered the cursed city. Fjul-Grimnir. When the time came for a new fyrd to be sent, he refused to send others to their deaths in his stead, and so led his fyrd into the city.[1c][3]

Age of Chaos

The Vosforge was the strongest of the the great holds and the last to fall in the Age of Chaos. After holding off countless assaults the stronghold would eventually be brought low after the death of its last Runefather. Thorgar-Grimnir broke the attacking Chaos armies, and killed the Bloodthirster leading them but he soon succumbed to his wounds and died before naming a successor. Each believing themselves his rightful heir his twelve sons claimed the throne, disputing it even as the Chaos hordes rallied for another attack. In desperation to save his Lodge's legacy, the Runemaster gave each son a equal share of the vast Ur-Gold hoard and sent them their seperate ways. The eldest son, Bromhulf stayed behind with a brave few slayers to defend the hold and buy time for his brothers and their followers to escape. He was killed in the fall.[5b]

A New Lodge

Only one son, Zhafor retained the Vostarg name and he became known as the Father of Victories, he is a legendary figure and shrouded in mystery, it even being said that he learnt beside Grimnir, although the god was long dead at this point. For years after this the new Vostarg Lodge wandered the Realm of Fire, fighting against the Chaotic armies spread across the lands and seeking what Ur-Gold they could find. Eventually they found the Cynder Peaks, drawn to the huge quantities of Ur-Gold thrown forth when the volcanoes erupted. Here Runefather Urgom-Grimnir established their new lodge in the Furios Peak.[1a][1b][5b]

When the Fyrdhand Lodge became the first to succumb en masse to the Glimmerlust they rampaged across the Realm of Fire, desecrating Forge Temples and tearing runes from the flesh of their brothers. Eventually the rogue Lodge was brought to justice by an alliance of twelve Lodges led by the Vostarg. Their disgraced Runefather was buried alive under molten slag for his crimes. Leading the coalition, and defeating the wayward Fyreslayers solidified the Vostarg's growing reputation.[1c][5b]

Age of Sigmar

Furios Peak has been besieged many times throughout its long history and none have yet been successful, although many have come close. Possibly the most threatening of these was at the hands of the feared warlord, and Realm Lord of Aqshy - as appointed by Archaon himself - Agtor Bruul. The attack lasted over a week, until Bruul finally broke through and into the magmahold. Inside the horde was led into the depths of the Forge Temple as gates and walls of lava sealed of all other paths. Here Bruul, his Skull Crushers and the hordes behind them were ambushed by Bael and his sons on their magmadroths, and by the elite Auric Hearthguard protecting the temple. Caught in the crossfire of magmapikes, Bruul's horde was slaughtered, and he and his Skull Crushers were killed by Bael and his sons.[7a][5b]

At the beginning of the Realmgate Wars - and while the Vostarg were still recovering fromt the siege of Agtor Bruul - many Skaven under the command of Gnawmaster Rikfang of Clan Rictus burrowed up into the hold from below. The ratmen hordes ransacked the lower levels of the magmahold took captives - even managing to capture one of Bael-Grimnir's sons - to sacrifice to the Verminlord Kratterklaw. As they fled with their prize Bael and his outraged fyreslayers pursued them seeking vengeance. Thousands of Skaven were killed, but Rikfang escaped - leaving Warlord Driptail to face the fyreslayers wrath.[2][5b]

As they took stock and released those captives that remained, Stormcast Eternals of the Hammers of Sigmar's Heavenhost Chamber arrived and were confronted with a horde of fyreslayers still hot with battle-rage. Despite the potential for violence, the two forces met and eventually - after the sufficient amount of gold had been decided on - agreed to an brief alliance. The Stormcasts needed access to the Bloodkeep Fyreslayers would lead the Stormcast to there even burn a path into the brazen stronghold from beneath.[2]

Beneath the mountains of Greatiron Tor, the Runesmiters of the Vostarg tunnel the fyrelayers and their Stormcast allies to Bloodkeep and a brutal battle with the daemons of Khorne ensues. The infamous Bloodthirster Skarbrand is still within the fortress however and the attack ultimately fails. The Brass Chain the Stormcast sought was not able to be claimed. Due to the failure Bael-Grimnir refuses to take the promised payment as his oath is not yet fulfilled.[5b]

Following the Necroquake, which the Vostarg call Uzkull-Krunken, Bael-Grimnir looks to the long abandoned Vosforge. Perhaps it will soon be time to avenge the Lodge's oldest grudge.[5a][5b]

Word reaches Furios Peak that Orruks are massing to attack the outpost of Brynhold and Bael-Grimnir personally leads a relief force. They are aided at the climax of the battle by Maerilla, Magister-Supreme of the city of Vandium a freeguild battalion and Bael is impressed by her and her soldiers. After the battle he forms an alliance with the city to grant warriors in exchange for gold.[5a]



The Vosguard are the personal guard of Bael-Grimnir and the most formidable Hearthguard fyrd in the Lodge. It is made up of those Runesons that although are undoubtedly skilled warriors are unsuited to leadership. Whilst it can be seen as shameful, serving in the guard is often a chance for Runesons to prove themselves to their father, demonstrating their skills and prowess in battle.[5b]


The Vostarg have gathered more Ur-Gold than any other lodge and their aggression in doing so has has gained them a fearsome reputation as brutally effective mercenaries. To the other lodges they are seen as the All-Fathers and are well respected - being both the largest lodge and having established a great many new lodges through their Runesons. Because of this when lodges gather together in coalition, the Vostarg will take the leadership role. The darker side to the reputation of the Vostarg is that they have been known to take their coin from the dark armies of Chaos, yet they demand a much higher price to work with such creatures.[1b][5b]

Kin Lodges

The Runesons of the Vostarg have been hugely prolific and many have been struck out, founding their own Kin Lodges, whether by their father's direction or of their own behest - to found new Lodges across the Realms. Many of these Lodges have been flourished in their own right and won renown amongst their peers.

  • Austarg: One of the many vassal lodges of the Vostarg.[5b]
  • Baeldrag: One of the most famed offshoots of the Vostarg.[5b]
  • Dostev: A vassal lodge of the Vostarg who fought to the death for their liege lodge.[5b]
  • Gelvagd: One of the most famed offshoots of the Vostarg.[5b]

Legendary Weapons

  • The Vosaxe: Forged from Vostari obsidian the Vosaxe is a treasured heirloom of the Vostarg, and only the mightiest of warriors may wield it. Arngard the Fearless greatest Grimwrath of the Vostarg, has been known to wield it on occasion.
  • Hrathling: No weapon among the Vostarg compares to Hrathling in history or renown. It is the Latch-Key Grandaxe of the Vostarg and has seen thousands upon thousands of conflicts in the hands of the Runefathers of the Vostarg. It is currently carried by Bael-Grimnir.[5b]


Because I am of the Vostarg Lodge, and I swore an oath. That it is hopeless matters not. Indeed, the oath which cannot be fulfilled burns twice as strong. I must do this thing, or die in the attempt. And if I do not die, then I must continue to try. Even unto the falling of the last star. I know your kind don't understand such things, but my word is fyresteel. I will break before it does.

~Khord to Seguin Reynar.[4a]


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