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The Patriarch or Matriarch serves, nominally, as the primary ruler and governor of a City of Sigmar, as well as the highest authority of the Grand Conclave. Though Master Patriarch[1a] is the most well-known title, others have been known to be used. Such as Chancellor[7a], Matriarch[7a], and Landgrave[5a].

Role and Responsibility

The High Patriarch, or whatever a city's equivalent may be, is the ultimate authority and ruler of their Free City and the nominal head of the Grand Conclave. Though there are many known cases where their power is limited or comes with many dangers.[1a][7a] During meetings they lead the proceedings, and in some cases serve as final authority on decisions but many matters are put to a majority vote.[2][6][8][15a]

Occasionally the title and responsibilities are hereditary, passing from one member of a famed lineage to the next. Such a system was present in both Arbitrium and Edassa.[5a][12a]

Alternative Titles

Many Cities of Sigmar are known to eschew the use of the title of Master Patriarch and instead use their own local titles. These include:

Known Governors