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The Eternal City of Azyrheim is one of the grandest cities of the Realm of Azyr, acting as the center of Sigmar's Empire.[1][4c][12] The ever-burning planetary core known as Mallus looms far above this vast metropolis.[12]


Age of Myth

Sigmar first makes landfall in the Realm of Azyr in a great valley surrounded on all sides by mountains. After exploring the realm and saving many tribes from tyrants and beasts, he returned to this location with his new followers. Here they built the grand and mighty city of Azyrheim.[12]

Sometime after the founding of the city a Senate was founded to rule it. This Senate would have represenatives from the many factions that held sway within the city.[8a]

The metropolis would grow to be one of the grandest in all of the Mortal Realms and outshone any ever built in the World-That-Was. It's skyline would come to be dominated by gleaming spires of gold and grand citadels. These opulent landmarks were able to house millions in.[12]

Age of Chaos

The statues of Azyrheim began to weep blood, one of the signs announcing the arrival of the Archaon, the Everchosen of Chaos.[2]

Though Sigmar holds fast against the forces of Chaos, even after the devastating lose at the [[Battle of Burning Skies], a general order of retreat is called. Millions flee from the blood-soaked lower realms to the Realm of Heavens and Azyrheim, causing its population to swell.[12]

Initially, all were welcomed with open arms. However, when it was discovered that many were infected with a sorcerous contagion by Archaon, Sigmar was forced to order many refugees to be turned away and slay those thousands infected within his own realm.[2]

At this time the Dark Gods also manage to weed their influence into Azyrheim. Many of the refugees that come to through the Gates of Azyr are warped by the darkness they've seen and hatred dominates their hearts, corrupt senators of Azyrheim's ruling senate also stage bloody civil war that sweeps through the streets. Sigmar is forced to directly get involved and so begins the Great Purge of Azyr. Those tainted by Chaos and those who allow hatred to dominate them are purged.[8a][12]

The ruling senate is dissolved and its tainted members purged. Sigmar creates a new government, its ruling council comprised of 256 worthy citizens, all chosen based on merit and each given a new title and responsabilities. The God-King further decreed that they meet regularly and so provided a gigantic hammer-shaped table where they could do so, overseen by a starmetal statue. Beneath its gaze they should both remember his wrath and draw upon his wisdom.[8a][13a]

This first Grand Conclave disregarded race and religion. The first High Artisans, those councillors responsible for engineering and building, were comprised of four Duardin, one Human and a Aelf. The Conclace met in the Heavenhall and hence became known as the Lords of the Heavenhall.[8a]

Those that survive the harrowing events of the Great Purge go on to live in an abject utopia, free of war and strife. The people of Azyr live in opulent comfort and luxury, the likes of which is unavailable anywhere else. Humans, Duardin, Aelves, and many other races from across the Realms mingle together. Many of these survivors can trace their bloodlines to the great nations of the Realms they were forced to flee.[12]

Knowing that Sigmar is ever vigilant for any remnants of Chaos taint, many citizens turn to prayer and studying civil and martial arts. All in the hopes of proving they are true servants of Order.[12]

Age of Sigmar

Once the Gates of Azyr reopened many of the vengeful armies and warhosts of Azyrheim issued forth to reconquer the Mortal Realms, on their own or with the help of the Stormcast.[3]

Locations in Azyrheim


Festivals and Holy Days

  • Death Night: A festival held once every celestial year in the Darkling Quarters.[15b]


The Realm of Azyr has always been a melting pot for many diverse cultures and races, even before the Age of Chaos turned it into a refuge for all those fleeing the other Mortal Realms. The Eternal City of Azyrheim is no different and has become home to Humans, Aelves, and Duardin from countless cultures across the Realms.[12]

Notable Inhabitants

Notable Organizations


  • Many of the city's most finest celestial orreries are powered by a single speck of Celestium, Azyr's Realmstone.[4]


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