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Azyrheim[1] (or Eternal City)[4c] is one of the greatest cities of Realm of Azyr and a sanctuary where Sigmar resides building his armies and planning his revenge against the Dark Gods.[1]


Age of Myth

In the Age of Myth the city is ruled by a senate with representatives of the many factions present. [8a]

Age of Chaos

The statues of Azyrheim began to weep blood, one of the signs announcing the arrival of the Everchosen.[2]

As millions fled Archaon and his armies, they looked to take refuge in the Azyrheim. Initially they were welcomed with open arms, but when it was discovered that many were infected with a sorcerous contagion by Archaon. Sigmar had to order many refugees to be turned away and slay thousands within his own realm.[2]

The Dark Gods manage to corrupt many of the senators of Azyrheim's ruling senate and a bloody civil sweeps through the streets before the senate is first disolved and then purged. Sigmar creates a new government structure conisting of 244 worthy citizens, all chosen based on merit and each given a new title and responsabilities. The God-King further decreed that they meet regularly and so provided a gigantic hammer-shaped table where they could do so, overseen by a starmetal statue. Beneath its gaze they should both remember his wrath and draw upon his wisdom. [8a]

This first Grand Conclave disregarded race and religion - the first High Artisans, responsible for engineering and building, were four Duardin, one Human and a Aelf. The Conclace met in the Heavenhall and hence became known as the Lords of Heavenhall. [8a]

Age of Sigmar

Once the Gates of Azyr reopened many of the vengeful armies and warhosts of Azyrheim issued forth to reconquer the Mortal Realms, on their own or with the help of the Stormcast.[3]

Locations and Famous Places of Azyrheim



  • Many of the city's most finest celestial orreries are powered by a single speck of Celestium, Azyr's Realmstone.[4]


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