Isle of Exiles

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The Isle of Exiles is a strange island found in the Polychromatic Sea, that has a dark history deeply tied to Aspiria and it's people. Recently the Order Serpentis has claimed the island as a stronghold.[1a]


Age of Chaos

Legends say that the Isle of Exiles earned it's name in the early stages of the Age of Chaos, when Aspirians would travel the Polychromatic Sea to abandon those members of their families touched by Chaos on the island. These legends claim that these people devolved into Beastmen and have been plotting their revenge.[1a]

Age of Sigmar

The Aspirians themselves claim the island is a bastion of Tzeentch's followers and beastmen. Then there are the tales from those Black Ark Corsairs who ply the sea that claim the island is not a bastion of Tzeentch nor Beastmen, but rather home to the horrors that serve Nurgle.[1a]

Despite all these rumours, the boastful knights of the Order Serpentis have claimed the island as one of their strongholds. Apparently having beaten back the mysterious forces of Chaos that control the island.[1a]