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Irondrakes cleansing skavens.

Irondrakes are Duardin warriors of the Dispossessed. They wield formidable missile weapons in battle, from flesh-melting flame to volleys of explosive missiles, while relying on their master-crafted Gromril armour to bounce off missiles and shrug off the enemy retaliation.[1b][3a]


Only the few Ironbreakers that are capable of wielding Drakeguns get to be known as Irondrakes.[2]


They are armed with Mailed Fists and Drakeguns, weapons that belch alchemical fury that scorches and melts flesh. Whilst the Ironwarden, those who lead the units, can devastate the enemy with a variety of weapons including a pair of Drakefire Pistols, Cinderblast Bombs, which explodes in a burst of shrapnel and flame, or even a Grudgehammer Torpedo, which are armour-piercing warheads. They may have a Standard Bearer or a Hornblower accompanying them into battle.[1b][3a]




Not long now. Soon enough, we'll sing our own war song, eh, oath-brother?

~Brokk to Sergeant Creel.[1a]


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