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Shanskir is a Free City built from the wreckage of a civilization that fell aeons ago.[1a]


Shanskir is a Free City much like many others with towers of stone springing from the ruins of old, streets teeming with activity, and a vast network of hidden ruins deep beneath the city.[1a]

The buildings of the old city form of the foundations of the new, for they were toppled aeons ago and compacted into solid rock. Threading through this layer are caverns with ashlar walls and old roads, waste water from the city above seeps into some of these caverns. Further beneath the old city there is a network of cellars and sewers.[1a]

  • Cavern of Lost Gods: One of the many caverns located deep beneath the city.[1a]



Shanskir is home to a diverse populace of Humans, Aelves, and Duardin. There are also known to be Skaven residing within the ruined city below Shanskir.[1a]

Notable Inhabitants

  • Captain Sendel: The commander of a mercenary band who earned money leading people to a gateway to the Mirrored City. Until he eventually gave the key to Maesa, Prince of the Wanderer Clans, unwilling to lead anymore people to the doom awaiting them in Shadespire.[1a]


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