Order Serpentis

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Order Serpentis
Order Serpentis 01.png
A Drakespawn Knight.
Grand alliance Order
Associated factions Cities of Sigmar
Races Aelf
Mounts Black Dragon
Vehicles Drakespawn Chariot
Creatures War Hydra

The Order Serpentis is a order of dragon-riding black knights that once ruled the Empire of Narkath but now forced into exile they fight alongside the armies of the God-King, going to battle upon vile and cruel-hearted beasts.[1]


During the Age of Myth the Order Serpentis ruled over the empire of Narkath in the Ulgu, a mist-shrouded land of boiling acid lakes and perpetual black rain dominated by claw-shaped castles of black iron. While they offered tribute to Sigmar's pantheon, they refused to follow the rules of Azyr and practised slavery, sacrifice and other vile deeds and often waging war upon their neighbours. However Malerion, the Shadow King, a member of the Pantheon of Order, protected them as an asset of great value. During this era every knight of the Order Serpentis rode to battle upon a Black Dragon. However during the Age of Chaos, Nakarth was invaded by an endless tide of daemons and despite obliterating entire armies of daemons the empire fell in a matter of decades.[2a]

While most of the Order died with the empire, the more practical-minded members of the Order Serpentis decided that they would rather suffer indignity than annihilation and fled to Azyr, seeking refuge in the Realm of Heavens. The Order spent the rest of the Age of Chaos brooding upon their defeat and readying what remained of their armies for Sigmar's great war of vengeance. The loss of many Black Dragons caused them to be limited to Dreadlords and new creatures such as the Drakespawn was created using dark magic for lesser knights. Greatest of all the abominations spawned by the experiments of the Order Serpentis are the monstrosities known as War Hydras, multi-headed, flame breathing abominations with blood boiling with magical power that allows them to quickly regenerate wounds and even regrow each lost head.[2a]


Like the Order Draconis, the Order Serpentis is an ancient and storied organisation whose lords rode Black Dragons in the skies of many Mortal Realms. When they were driven back to the Realm of Azyr there were few dragons left for the knights of the order to ride and so they created new and terrible war beasts such as the War Hydra and Drakespawn. It is said a pit of hatred still lurks in the heart of the Serpentis warriors which gives them greater strength in battle.[1]


Order Serpentis
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