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Everquake City, the City of Chained Fury, is a Free City found in the Realm of Ghur. It is located on the Lendu continent of the Ghurish Heartlands, right on the edge of the Ghurish Hinterlands.[1a][2a][4a]


Age of Sigmar

The city has become an epicenter for the colonization of Lendu and Rondhol, the western continents of the Ghurish Heartlands, with Dawnbringer Crusades from the city establishing strongpoints as far as the northern coasts of Rondhol.[3a]

Incensed by the attempts of Sigmarsites to civilization the continent of Rondhol, an Orruk overboss named Ka-rokk, a shaman of Da Choppas Warclan leads his forces to the region. Swiftly he browbeats local Bonesplitter and Kruleboy Orruks to join his forces, before they descend on outposts across the region.[3a]


Dawnbringer Crusades, spearheaded by warriors of the Kraken Blades Stormhost, from Everquake City spread far and wide across the continents of Lendu and Rondhol.[3a]

Civilia, formerly the northernmost strongpoint established by Everquake City, was once a burgeoning port town until it was wiped out by terrible floods. Plans to recolonize the city are already underway, despite the ruins being claimed by multiple Bonesplitter clans, by ever optimistic Dawnbringers.[3a]


The city is well-known for its gladiators who fight in life or death tournaments of epic proportions, wherein Gargant-Bone Dice are used. These powerful artefacts create powerful tremors when they are hurled and hit the ground, with a force not unlike a falling gargant.[1a]

Diplomatic Relations

Relations with several Sylvaneth clans across Rondhol have soured, as a result of many commanders of Dawnbringer Crusades cutting down ancient trees found in sacred groves to produce riverboats.[3a]


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