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Barak Gorn is a large Duardin port city found within a large cave on the shore of the Whispering Sea in the region of Melket in the Realm of Ulgu.[1a]


Age of Myth

The port was founded in the Age of Myth and quickly grew into a mighty city. During this age, Barak Gorn and the nearby mountain city of the Grey Aelves were one in the same.[1a]

Age of Chaos

When the Age of Chaos came, the duardin retreated to the Realm of Azyr and the Aelves fled into the deepest halls of their part of the city, leaving Barak Gorn to fall into ruin. Many surviving Duardin of the city believe the Aelves abandoned them and hold a grudge that lasts well after the eventual reclamation of the city.[1a]

Age of Sigmar

The Age of Sigmar allowed the Duardin to return, reclaim, and rebuild Barak Gorn. They also renewed their trade with the Grey Aelves, but the two peoples are not as close as they once were.[1a]


The city was created within a massive cavern, with only the front of the city exposed to the sea – a combination of harbour and underground hall. All trade comes via the harbour although it does have a Realmgate in the deepest hall. [1a]

  • Eskbirgen’s Cove: A beautiful location a league from the port. [1a]
  • The Long Stair: A carefully hidden exit from the city, no wider than that made by goats. [1a]


The city is governed by a council of elders, known as the Alder Council.[1a]


  • Duardin
    • Idenkor Stonbrak: A merchant whose brother was killed by a love sick, low born Grey Elf seeking to gain the affections of an Idoneth Deepkin Princess. [1a]
    • Bertgilda: One of Idenkor Stonbrak's cousins, who worked in the jeweler's shop owned by Idenkor's brother. She is the only witness to the events that led to the death of Idenkor's brother.[1a]


  • Grey Aelves: The Grey Aelves, or skuru elgi as the Duardin of Barak Gorn call them, dwell inside the mountain to the north of the city. When the Age of Chaos drove the Duardin away, the Grey Aelves retreated into the earth and cloaked themselves with illusionary magic. Many among the Duardin of Barak Gon saw this as a betrayal, while many more see it as simple pragmatism. Nonetheless when the Duardin returned to their city in the Age of Sigmar they began their trade with the Grey Aelves once more.[1a]


  • The Granite Brotherhood: A duardin banking institution that it is foolish to borrow from if you cannot repay them. [1a]


The nobles of the Grey Aelves trade extensively with the merchants of Barak Gorn, exchanging their Bright Sea Gold for jewellery.[1a]


On the few days there is no mist, you can see all the way to the horizon from its window, and when the fog draws in and chill water runs down the glass, which is practically every day, there was the comfort of Barak Gorn’s lid of stone pressing down above, and reaching its arms around the wharfs and jetties. It is a tonic to the duardin soul, the permanence of the stone, the indomitability of earth.

~ Idenkor Stonbrak.[1]


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