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Holdash is one of the scion cities of the Phoenicium and have been ever since the Aelven warriors from the Phoencium saved their city from a horde of flesh abominations and Skaven of Clans Moulder. Freeguilds are drawn from this city to serve alongside the armies of their patron city.[1a][1b]


Age of Sigmar

An army of Aelves from the Phoenicium marches out from their city to lift the siege besetting distant Holdash, the aelves risk their lives by marching through monster infested lands, risk sickness, and are even ambushed by Gutter Runners on their march. But in spite of all these travails they still arrive in time to break the siege of Clans Moulder, with aid from their Flamespyre Phoenixes and the surviving Freeguilders of Holdash.[1b]


  • Pauper's Fields: Known to be infested by hairless rats.[1a]


The city has proudly added the flaming wing of the Phoenicium to their heraldry and are counted among the scion cities are the Ur=Phoenix's grand capital.[1b]


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