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Kuva is a ancient female Lion Ranger.[1]


Taller than most humans and slender with blonde hair, she wears the traditional garb of her order - golden scale mail beneath a cloak of white fur, neither of which impede her movements. Her face is fine-boned and with a number of faint scars and she carries her mighty war axe without apparent effort.[1]


Thousands of years old, she was defending the last realmgate of the Realm of Azyr to be closed and was waiting to recommence the fight when it was reopened. [1]

She and the Duardin Ironbreaker Bryn assist the Witch Hunter Sol Gage in his investigations.[1]


Gage considers her someone who would cut a knot rather than untie it and is very aware that she dislikes cities, even ones filled wth flora and fauna such as Hammerhal Ghyra.


Gage -go ! The duardin and I are more than capable of killing a few fools in bird masks

~Kuva .[1]


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