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A Warden King.

Warden Monarchs, whether they are Kings or Queens, are the leaders of the Dispossessed clans of the Cities of Sigmar. These venerable rulers are typically silver-haired, weatherbeaten, and battle-scarred though their skills and wisdom have not dimmed over the ages.[4a]


The task of preserving the culture of a Dispossessed clan lies on the shoulders of the Warden Monarch. Though time and erosion have wiped out their ancestral holds, their traditions will stand the test of time.[4a] Oaths and grudges are also important to these monarchs. An ancestral grudge is a past insult that will never be forgotten until it is repaid in blood.[1][2]


Warden Monarchs are venerable fighters and strategists of remarkable skill, who are known to seek out the most fearsome and powerful enemies during battle to defeat them with courage, honour and steel.[1][2]


A Warden Monarch goes to battle protected by finely crafted, and armed with rune-inscribed warhammers, called Rune Hammers, and Ancestor Shields.[1][2][3]

Sometimes a Warden King will stand on an Oath Stone, a relic stone with runes carved on it that tell the glorious deeds of the King's forebears, which will inspire their warriors with a fiery determination.[1][2]



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