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Freeguild Steelhelms are rank and file soldiers of the Freeguilds.[1]


Freeguild Steelhelms are recruited from the humble men and women of the Free Cities, many of whom have taken the Coin Malleus after being riled up by the stirring rhetoric of the Cults Unberogen, joining the Dawnbringer Crusades with a fiery excitement that is usually quenched within a few days of facing the sheer hostility of the Mortal Realms. However, they are not simple raw recruits, after taking the Coin they must report to the sergeants of the military districts who will direct them to relevant military academies where they are trained hard and given weapons and armor for the crusade to come.[2b]


Freeguild Steelhelms form the heart of each war host, low-status infantry that are lowest in terms of authority and privilege.[2b] In the Castelite formations, they act as the anvil taking the brunt of the enemy attacks.[2a] They form shield walls, act as bulwarks for artillery emplacements, and advance without support in dangerous feints. Despite the suffering, their sheer tenacity and courage is respected by all levels of a Crusade.[2b]

Steelhelm Heralds head the vanguard of each battalion acting as both standard bearers and horn blowers that sound the advance. Chosen from the toughest and most resolute they will not let their standards fall till death claims their soul. Battle Priests accompany the Steelhelms with holy relics, bringing forth miracles through sheer conviction, consecrating the lands.[2b]

Each Sergeant-at-Arms who commands these units is a resolute, stubborn warrior who fights with both brain and brawn, using cunning and a liberal interpretation of orders to ensure their unit lives to fight another day. They are among the most scarred by war, trauma manifesting as alcoholism, embezzlement, gambling addictions, and recurring nightmares but as long as they remain effective leaders in battle they can be trusted to serve when it matters most.[2b]


Freeguild Steelhelms are issued with a Freeguild Weapon[2c], these include sharp swords and blunt implements, that are paired with sturdy shields.[1]

Steelhelm Heralds carry the Regimental Standard which is blessed by Cults Unberogen and the Order Valoris as well as containing icons of settlements to be yet founded, the promise of lands to be claimed.[2b]

Battle Priests carry holy relics which could be anything from a bone to a broken blade of Sigmarite Matyrs which crackle with a holy aura. [2b]


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