Doralia ven Denst

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Doralia ven Denst is a Witch Hunter of the Order of Azyr and a descendent of the Ven Denst Dynasty who specialise in hunting down arcane threats alongside her father Galen ven Denst.[1][2a]


Abilities and Wargear

Doralia ven Denst has mastered the art of etching tiny runes of banishment, an aspect of runecraft alongside her father in Settler’s Gain . She carries a Crossbow and anti-thaumic crossbow bolts with holy writ of Sigmar and inlaid with nullstone and silver alongside a consecrated Witch Hunter’s Sword extremely deadly to spellcasters and Daemons as well as their works, banishing all forms of arcane energy even Endless Spells.[2a][3]

She is also known for her marksmanship multiple times banishing rogue endless spells by hitting the very centre of the spells with her special bolts to unbind the magic that held it from her sniper’s eyrie high in the Consecral Bells.[2a]



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