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Maerilla is a Wizard of the Collegiate Arcane and Magister-Supreme of the city of Vandium in the Realm of Aqshy. [1a]


Clad in brightly coloured robes, she is dark skinned with red flame tattoos that dance across her arms and face. [1a]


She made fifty two written requests to Bael-Grimnir of the Vostarg Lodge to be allowed to study the runes of his warriors.

Despite his continual refusal, Maerilla brought a full Freeguild battalion with her to aid the Auric Runefather in the defence of the Brynhold. During the battle she was able to dispel a powerful phantasm of the Arcanum Optimar aimed at the duardin lord and subsequently made a further verbal request, half in jest at the conclusion of the battle. [1a]

Her deeds impressed Bael enough to form an temporay alliance and then send warriors to help defend the city in exchange for gold. [1a]


So, does this mean you'll reconsider my request to study the runes used by your warriors?

~ Maerilla to Bael-Grimnir.[1a]


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