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An Ironbreaker.

Ironbreakers are Duardin elite guardians of the Dispossessed. They are the protectors of the labyrinths of tunnels and all that is sacred to the Duardin, working tirelessly to prevent their homes and underground fortresses from being desecrated. To many they are considered impervious, implacable and unmoving. They are lead by Ironbeards and supported by Standard Bearers and Drummers.[1][2a]


Ironbreakers wear impervious Gromril armour, that covers them from head to toe, and are armed with masterwork Ironbreaker Weapons, like axes or hammers and shields. Ironbeards, their leaders, are armed with pairs of Drakefire Pistols and Cinderblast Bombs, that explode in shrapnel and flame, or a brace of Drakefire Pistols, but they can use their mailed fists in melee should they ever have the need to.[1][2a]



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