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A list of spells that are specific to certain units in the Collegiate Arcane army.


Name Casters Description Sources
Amber Spear Amber Battlemage on Griffon The caster conjures a spear made out of magical amber that when hurled at the foes it hits with an uncanny accuracy and punches through the rank of the foes without effort. Battlemage on Griffon warscroll
Burning Gaze White Battlemage on Luminark of Hysh Bolts of burning light fly from the caster's eyes searing the unit that is caught in their path. The more members a unit has the more damage this spell does. Luminark of Hysh warscroll
Chain Lightning Heavens Battlemage The caster's fingertips bursts from their fingertips and arcs with crackling fury towards their foe. Upon striking a unit it has a chance to leap into another nearby unit. Battlemage warscroll
Comet of Casandora Celestial Battlemage on Celestial Hurricanum The caster reaches out to the heavens and draws a wandering comet from it, which they then sends it down on a unit. It has a chance of missing its intended target and hitting another enemy unit. Celestial Hurricanum warscroll
Final Transmutation Gold Battlemage This spell transmutes the flesh of the foe into unliving metal, becoming nothing more than a gleaming golden statue. Battlemage warscroll
Fireball Bright Battlemage The caster conjures a ball of flame and hurls it at their foes, which has a chance to make several degrees of damage. Battlemage warscroll
Light of Battle White Battlemage The caster infuses their allies with Light energies, filling them with courage and immune to the horrors of war. The unit enchanted with spell emit an ennobling aura that boosts their courage. Battlemage warscroll
Lifesurge Jade Battlemage The caster infuses allies with healing energies, healing them of wounds and can instantly regenerate future wounds. Battlemage warscroll
Mystifying Miasma Grey Battlemage This spell creates a fog that numbs the battle skills of a nearby foe, making them less likely to hit their foes. Battlemage warscroll
Pall of Doom Amethyst Battlemage A cloud of terrifying darkness pours forth and engulfs the wizard's foes. Battlemage warscroll
Pha's Protection White Battlemage The wizard calls upon the benevolent Guardians of Light to protect their allies from harm. Battlemage warscroll
Transmutation of Lead Gold Battlemage As the wizard gestures at their foes, their weapons and armour become significantly heavier and more cumbersome. Battlemage warscroll
Shield of Thorns Jade Battlemage At the wizard's command, crawling brambles burst from the ground, forming a living barrier around their allies. Battlemage warscroll
Soul Steal Amethyst Battlemage The caster extends a hand and leeches their victims souls from their body. The damage this spell does is dependant on the courage of the caster and the intended target. Battlemage warscroll
Wildform Amber Battlemage The caster cries and a nearby unit has their battle spirit infused with the savage strength of wild creatures, making the damage they strike with higher. Battlemage warscroll
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