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Map of Aspiria.

Aspiria is a large landmass in the west of the Great Parch of the Realm of Aqshy.[1a]

It's surrounded from the south, west and northwest by the Ocean of Swords. It borders Bataar through the Bright Mountains. To the northwest it is bordered by the Polychromatic Sea.[1a]


Age of Myth

The western regions of the Great Parch, Aspiria included, thrive after Sigmar bring order and culture to the continent, while trade expands into other realms.[1b]

Great cities are built here by the wizard lords and in the neighboring region of Bataar and the two become rivals. They overcome this need to fight with a mixture of diplomacy and channeling their enmity through athletic competitions. This drives each other to new height of progress.[1b]

Trade expands between the two nations and across the Great Parch and in due course the Gilded Track, a paved road, is created to help commerce between Aspiria, Bataar and Vitrolia. Powerful magic's are used by the lords of Aspiria to gift the renowned trading fleet of Bataar with the power of flight and in return they receive vast quantities of exotic goods and the number of power of their mages increase even further. The Polychromatic Sea is created by the alchemical pollution of the alchemical workshops and factories. [1b]

Orruk warbands invade the land bridges linking the region to Vitrolia, Golvaria and Aridian forcing the wizards of Aspiria to ignite the Kindling Forest, wiping out many of the tribes and re-opening trade routes but the fires never go out. This creates a permanent barrier between the civilizing west and the middle reaches. The wizard lords of Aspiria leave the tribes of the middle reaches after they fall to civil war. Aspiria also fortifies the area around the Bridge of Brines so much that it is henceforth known as Steel Spike [1b]

A new dispute arises between Aspiria and Golvaria as the Aspirians seek magical weapons from the Direbrand Tribe and the Duardin of Vostargi Mont. The Golvarians, jealous of the Aspirians' success make an alliance with Vitrolians and cross Skyheim Peaks to attack Aspirian caravans with tides of skeletons. However the merchants lords of Bataar, long allies of Aspiria, buy the loyality of the Vitrolians with gold. In response the Aspirians send powerful undead-hunters to drive out the Golvarians who retreat to the Isle of Ghouls.[1b]

Age of Chaos

After the Red Feast, Daemons of Khorne invade the Great Parch and the horrified wizard lords of Aspiria abandon the tribes to their fate hiding behind walls of fire and steel.[1b]

The Mage-Lords of Aspiria wage a ferocious war against the daemons and mortal worshippers of Tzeentch of such intensity the land itself physically crumbles and is itself diminished by the violence of Chaos. The coast line guarded by the Agloraxian Citadels crumbles, forming the Disintegrating Shores. As their defences begin to fail, the hordes of worshippers of the Blood God, Khorne launch an attack across the Bridge of Brine, besieging Steel Spike. The Aspirians retreat to high ground and seal their citadel-cities with magical wards in the hope they can ride out the storm.[1b]

Surviving Aspirian ships are lured and destroyed on the Vanx Littoral and the Wreckers Isle. Emboldened by these successes, the Chaos worshippers invade and take control over many of the Aspirides islands the nation once ruled. A few mages survive outside the sealed cities and continue their tradition of magecraft even as the realm descends into blood and terror. [1b]

During the Age of Chaos, a number of refugees from Vitrolia were forced to flee and seek shelter in Aspiria. Faced with aspirian prejudices, many vitrolians were forced into a life of crime to survive.[3a]

Age of Sigmar

The citizens of the Great Parch often petition the mages of Aspirian tradition to burn recently conquered chaos-corrupted regions with magical flames, allowing for new life to grow.[1b]

The new cities in Aspiria thrives as lands are reclaimed by order, allowing for art, fashion and philosophy to develop once again.[1b]


Some of the known locations in this landmass are:

  • Agloraxi Citadels: These citadels watch over the cliff-lines that later would crumble away when the scions of Tzeentch attacked Aspiria during the Age of Chaos and form the Disintegrating Shores.[1a][1b]
  • Bridge of Brine: The Bridge of Brine is one of the two crossings between the west of the Great Parch and the rest. On the Aspirian side there it is fortified by the Steel Spike while on the Khul's Ravage side is fortified by the Obsidian Fortress. During Tzeentch's invasion of Aspiria during the Age of Chaos the khornate legions traverse this bridge to attack the Steel Spike.[1a][1b]
  • Bright Mountains[1a][1b]
  • Disintegrating Shores: These used to be a cliff-line before they were crumbled by the attacks of the scions of Tzeentch on Aspiria during the Age of Chaos.[1a][1b]
  • Lucid Coast[1a][1b]
  • Lumnos: Last of the great citadel-cities of Aspiria from the Age of Myth, Lumnos’ scintillant walls never fell to the hordes of chaos. It is the home of many magical artefacts and a prestigious academy, the House of the Rising Embers, as well as being the seat of the ruling Council Pyre. [2a]
  • Steel Spike: The Aspirian penisula that is part of the Bridge of Brine, one of the only two crossing between the west and the middle reaches of the Great Parch. It is heavily fortified and defended by the Aspirian military after the tribes of the middle regions of the Great Parch fall into civil war after being cut from the western civilizing side of the continent by the ignition of the Kindling Forest, earning it its name. When the forces of Tzeentch attacked Aspiria during the Age of Chaos, the legions of Khorne traversed the Bridge of Brine and joined the attack these fortifications opening a second front. It is described as a fortified promontory and bulwark of sorcerous defiance.[1a][1b]
  • Timestolen Empire: The lands to the west of the Steel Spike were claimed in the name of Tzeentch. It is a twisted region where time itself has been cursed.[2a][4a]
  • Vociferous Delta[1a][1b]

Bays and Islands

A number of bays have formed between Aspiria and the surrounding seas:

Off its coasts there are a few sets of islands, like:

Settlements and Nations


Aspiria is known to train fierce magic-wielding undead-hunters in their academies. They were strong enough to expell the Golvarians, notorious for their necromancers and armies of living skeletons, from their homeland.[1b]


Aspiria has an overabundant alchemical industry, so large that during the Age of Myth its alchemical runoff turned an entire sea into a rainbow of colors.[1b]