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The Iron Bulls of Tarsus, also called the Eighth or simply the Iron Bulls, are one of the oldest and most storied Freeguilds operating in the city of Excelsis. They played an instrumental role in ending the Uprising of the Cult of the Fated Path, while the majority of the city's forces were away.[1b][1c] Though originally but a singular regiment they have grown into a large Freeguild.[4a]


Age of Sigmar

The Freeguild dates back to the Wars of Founding, when they were still but a simple regiment. After was after these wars that they first took the colours and uniform of the city of Excelsis.[1b]

Sometime before the Uprising of the Cult of the Fated Path, General Synor earned fair glory for himself and the regiment. But when during an assault on the city's Realmgate by a band of orruks, the Iron Bulls suffered many losses. They were shifted over to garrison duty alongside the Firewolves and Coldguard after that, until the Cult of the Fated Path made their move and nearly overthrew the city. They played an instrumental roll in carving their way through the traitorous forces, directly aiding Witch Hunter Hanniver Toll and Cerrus Sentanus in reaching the cult's leadership, who were performing a ritual in the city's Prophesisers' Guild. General Synor himself dueled and killed the chieftain of the Tzaangors allied to the cult.[1b][1c]

When Excelsis was besieged by a substantial skaven army under the command of Kretch Warpfang, Grand High Clawmaster of Clan Rictus, the Stormblessed were among the forces defending the city.[2]

At some point the Freeguild sent eight regiments into the wilderness of the Realm of Ghyran. They suffered heavy casualties at the hands of Grots and many of their troops fell victim to choking vines and carnivorous plants. Their fortune changed when Green Priests of Hammerhal Ghyra arrived to act as their guides. Aiding them in traversing the forests and jungles with experienced ease.[4a]


The Iron Bulls of Tarsus wear green jackets and much like the majority of Freeguilds in Excelsis, they employ padded armor made from silksteel.[1b][3]


The Iron Bulls are extremely pious Sigmarites. Priests would arrive every tenday to renew the freeguilders' oaths of loyalty and sanctify their guns.[1b]


The Iron Bulls of Tarsus are well-known for employing firearms and field artillery.[1b]


  • Iron Bulls Bastion: The personal garrison of the Freeguild within Excelsis and one of several such bastions built within the city walls. It is a towering stonework building, of exemplary duardincraft, with many murderholes and flame cannons built into it's edifice. Even in times of relative peace the bastion was known to bustle with activity. Supplies were brought in by Flathorn pulled carts. It was also where the Freeguild kept their imposing collection of field artillery.[1b]

Notable Members


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