Jelsen Darrock

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Portrait of Jelsen Darrock.

Jelsen Darrock is a Human Witch Hunter and a former member of the Order of Azyr.[1]


Jelsen Darrock was once a member of the Order of Azyr, hunting various witches, aethergheists, and servants of the Dark Gods. [2]

He was also an agent of Queen Neferata who, with others in the Order she dispatched to cause havoc in the kingdom of Carstinia whilst Mannfred von Carstein was invading Invidia. [3a]

Upon being expelled from the Order for unknown reasons[1], Jelsen began to hunt vampires instead, journeying to the cursed city of Ulfenkarn.[2]



'"As mean as Darrock," they used to say, back in the Order. Trust me, boy, they don't know the half of it. Morals are for the weak.'

- Jelsen Darrock.[1]



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