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The City of Anvalor is a ruined city located upon the Flamescar Plateau in the Great Parch of Aqshy. Many attempts have been made at colonizing and securing the lands upon which Anvalor stand, but as of yet none have been successful.[1a]


Age of Sigmar

The steady trade that flows along the Great Ash Road between Edassa and cities to the south, such as Vandium and Hammerhal Aqsha, has aided in revitalizing many lands and settlements scattered across the Flamescar Plateau and this selfsame trade made the foundation of Anvalor possible.[1a]

Yet there are whispers that the city is cursed, mostly from the people of Anvilgard to the northwest, as the city seems doomed to fail. The many attempts to secure the city have been thwarted by natural disasters, Skaven, Orruks, and even the followers of the Dark Gods.[1a]

Rumors abound that a force comprised of warriors from several Stormhosts, the Dispossessed clans, and Order Serpentis are mustering for one last endeavor to secure the city.[1a]


The city of Anvalor has been built near the exact center of the Great Parch, this favorable position has led many forces of Order to continue to secure the city even in spite of the constant failures. The city is also built atop deep-water wells full of pure mineral water, a rare and vital commodity in the Great Parch.[1a]

It's position has also made it favorable to Duardin clans who seek to gain mineral rights over the city and surrounding regions. As well as the Aelves of the Order Serpentis, who desire to aid in securing the city as a means to gain access to the great snakes of the desert to the southeast.[1a]