Sevastean Mench

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Sevastean Mench
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Sevastean Mench was the Master Patriarch of Hammerhal during the Time of Tribulations.[1][2] While his father was a Reclaimed of Aqshy and his mother was an Azyrite from Azyr, he is a Hammerhalian to his core.[3a]


Age of Sigmar

Before being elected to the position of Master Patriarch he rose through the ranks of the Ironweld guilds of Hammerhal. There are those who believe that this has led to him having an overfondness of solving problems with firearms.[4a]

During the tumultuous events of the Time of Tribulations Sevanstean Mench served as the governor of Hammerhal and leader of its Grand Conclave. The two-hundred and forty-four lords of the council argued vigorously on many matters.[1][2]

One of the lasting effects of his tenure was a vote on whether or not the Hammerhal, and by extension all Cities of Sigmar, should form alliances with the Daughters of Khaine.[2]

During the lead-up to the Necroquake he tried to rally the Grand Conclave of Hammerhal to send Freeguild armies to aid other Forces of Order gathering to lead a momentous attack on Nagashizzar. His attempts were met with mixed results, until Morathi, High Oracle of Khaine herself arrived and convinced the councillors to send forces, while also furthering the alliance between the Cities of Sigmar and Daughters of Khaine, by allowing the use of each others' Realmgates.[1]

Throughout his tenure as Master Patriarch many crises have befallen Hammerhal but the walls have withstood them all, in no small part thanks to his leadership.[4a]


Hammerhal has, in the past, been likened to a powder keg, needing but one errant spark to detonate spectacularly. Of course, we have errant sparks, cinders and flames aplenty here in Aqshy, so the comparison perhaps lacks some nuance. I instead prefer to think of our noble city as akin to the volcanoes claimed by Grimnir’s folk; maybe one day we will blow ourselves apart in a storm of sound and fury, but God-King preserve you if you’re in our vicinity when we do.

~ Sevastean Mench. [3]