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Fusil-Majors are keen-eyed Human snipers of the Freeguild, acting as the crew of the elevated firing platforms carried by Ogor Warhulks. This team stand at the corners of Castelite formations serving the roles of lookouts, snipers and flank defence.[1]


The combination of a Fusil-Major on an elevated platform strapped to the back of a Ogor Warhulk was as the invention of the eccentric Marshal Docheval of the Greywater Fastness to hunt down the crocosuchians that were taking too many lives in the Ghoul Mere where heavy artillery is almost impossible to deploy.The first teams were created by bribing Ogors with enormous amounts of meat and gunners with a sphere of lifewater and by the end of the day the swamp was filled with so many crocodilian corpses that the rest of the expedition used them as steady footing to cross the waters. Eventually better [2a]


With the high ground attained from standing on a mobile watchtower, these gunners can shoot with little distraction, using it to eliminate strategic enemy assets, like commanders.[1]


An Ogor Warhulk makes for an unpredictable steed. Ogors are usually kept in line with crude means, pairing simple commands with tasty strips of meat. Longer-lasting relationships between a Fusil-Major and an Ogor Warhulk often rely on a bond beyond ranks, like a lost bet or a life debt. When motivated the right way, they will tolerate the burden they carry on their backs and focus on eliminating any of their enemies in front of them.[1]


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