Order of the Chained Flame

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The Order of the Chained Flame was created by the Grandmasters of the Collegiate Arcane during the Arcanum Optimar. It is comprised of Battlemages who are given license to act as Spell Hunters and assemble warbands, usually comprised of Freeguilders or mercenaries.[1a]

These Spell Hunters are not only sent to dispel and end the threat of Endless Spells, but also to capture them so that the Grandmasters of the Collegiate can study these strange, semi-sentient forms of wild magic.[1a]


The Order of the Chained Flame are the Spell Hunters of the Collegiate Arcane and members of the Collegiate must study and earn a license to join the Order.[1a] Many younger mages, given power thanks to the Arcanum Optimar, seek to become Spell Hunters as a means of becoming wealthy.[1a]


Members of the Order are given license to recruit spell-hunting mercenaries during their endeavors to catch and dispel Living Spells. These warbands and retinues will oftentimes consist of men-at-arms pulled from the Freeguilds, though occasionally more common mercenaries are recruited.[1a][3a] Many Spell Hunters will also employ those gifted with witch-sight, as this rare ability can aid in mapping out magical ley-lines and hunting Living Spells.[4a]