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Ironweld Great Cannon bombardments supporting a castelite advance

Ironweld Great Cannons are artillery pieces of the Ironweld Arsenal and considered the "gatehouse" of the Castelite formations employed by Sigmar's armies.[1]


Ironweld Great Cannon are engineered to strike a perfect balance between speed of loading and raw firepower. The cannons are breech-loaded by a winch arm while the cannon's elevation is controlled by a lever-and-cogtooth mechanism to optimise range and impact.[2a]

After being wheeled into place the cannons are stabilized by stout harnesses of leather and iron. Foldable hinged shields bracket the frontal shield of the cannon's chassis and a a gargoyle-tipped protrusion on the fore acts as a bettering ram in extremely desperate situations.[2a]

Although not sanctioned practice the recesses of the chassis could also be used to store recreational items such as smoke-herbs or hard drinks. When the elements become too harsh a tarpaulin is used to cover the cannons, keeping the powder dry as well as sheltering the crew.[2a]


Ironweld Great Cannons are at the heart of the Castelite battleline where they act as anchors, rallying points and logistical cornerstones for the army acting as the gatehouses of the Castelite "wall". Several cannons could be placed together, wing-shields abutted and crews working in coordination allowing them to unleash firepower to blast apart stampedes of megafauna or charging waves of Orruks. [2a]


The Great Cannons are crewed by stout and uncompromising men and women who having being extensively trained can reload the cannon even in pitch darkness.[2a] The crews are armed with tools and sidearms to defend themselves if their positions are overrun. [2b]


All munitions are inscribed with litanies, sigmarite maxims and sigils of banishment copied from slips of Lethisian parchment. While mostly symbolic these etchings make them more effective when facing daemons and gheists. [2a]

The engineers of the Ironweld have developed a range of munitions for the cannon. These include the Cannonball, armour-piercing shells against more armored targets, and the cylinders of grapeshot[2b] to shred massed attacks making them effective against Skaven and Grots. [2a]



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