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Hanniver Toll, Witch Hunter of the Order of Azyr

The Blessed Order of Azyr is an organization comprised of Witch Hunters, Vampire Hunters, justicars, investigators, and other agents dedicated to scouring the Free Cities and kingdoms of Sigmar's empire of the corruption of Chaos and Death. In their mission to rid the Realms of corruption, they follow a trifold remit.[8a][9a][15a]

Trifold Remit

The trifold remit of the Blessed Order of Azyr is to root out those traitors, shapeshifters, and Rogue Spells, and their conjurers, who pose a danger to the civilizations of Sigmar's Empire.[15a]


Age of Chaos

The Order of Azyr was founded in the wake of the closing of the Gates of Azyr. The Order, and its investigators and agents, were to keep the Realm of Azyr safe from the subtler deprivations of Chaos and Death.[21a]

Age of Sigmar

In the wake of the Realmgate Wars and the reclamation of territories across the Mortal Realms the dutries and reach of the Order has extended to Free Cities established across the Realms and those nations brought back into Sigmar's Empire.[8a][9a]


Some members of the Order have been known to use a symbol that combines the imagery of both a comet and a hammer, both potent symbols of the God-King of Azyr.[2a]


The central hierarchy of the Blessed Order of Azyr operates somewhere within the eponymous Realm of Heavens, though regional hierarchies have been established in some places such as the Khanate of Arlk.[4b] Agents, collectively known as Agents Azyrite, will often operate independently for months or even years, with little contact with the greater hierarchy.[12a][13a]

There are also a number of subfactions found within the ranks of the operatives. The three most prominent of these subfactions each specialize in upholding one of the three remits of the Order: the rooting out of traitors, those mages and their specllcraft who are a danger to civilization, and the slaying of monsters that disguise themselves as mortals.[15a]

The Pyremen are those operatives who hunt traitors, while the anti-magic specialists of the Stakesmen hunt mage and spell, and finally the rarest of the three classes of operative, the Maskbreakers, hunt down the malevolent shapeshifters hiding amongst the citizenry.[15a]



Witch Hunters

Witch Hunters are those agents of the Order of Azyr, who operating as investigators and assassins, seek to snuff out the subtler forces of Chaos and Death attempting to overthrow Sigmar's dominion.[21a]

Vampire Hunters

Among the most feared agents of the Order are the Vampire Hunters, who are dedicated to hunting those fell creatures who carry the Soulblight curse and their followers. These agents are fiercely independent, operate alone, have little supervision over them, and may choose what targets they hunt.[17a]

Other Agents


The Order of Azyr answers to none save the authority of the God-King himself, though politicking exists within the internal hierarchy of the Order. The Agents of the Order, especially its Witch Hunters, are renowned and feared for being ruthless, pragmatic dispensers of Sigmar's justice. Despite this reputation, many within the Order hold themselves to high moral and ethical standards.[8a][10b]

Witch Hunters

Known Branches


Agents of the Order work closely with elements of the Cults Unberogen and trusted lords of the Free Cities.[8a][9a] The Order's members will often employ extensive networks of contacts and allies, who hail from countless backgrounds and walks of life, to complete their missions.[10b]

Due to sharing a similar purpose, Witch Hunters of the Order and Lord-Veritants of the Stormhosts will often work together to rid the taint of Chaos from the Cities of Sigmar. Whether the Lord-Veritant will defer to their mortal counterparts, or directly take charge, more often depends on the personality of the Stormcast than actual protocol.[2b]


Agents of the Order will occasionally employ adventurers. Often sending them to search for Realmgates.[10b]


Every story you’ve heard is true. Every one. Where we see perfidy, the Order excises it with sword and flame. Those that would eat away at the heart of this great civilisation will die screaming. Those that choose to aid such schemes, or who avert their gaze through cowardice or disloyalty will meet a fate no kinder. I tell you this so you harbour no illusions as to the lengths I will go to protect this city – if you cross me, you are ash and memories, and even those I will seek to eradicate. Do you understand?

- Hanniver Toll to Armand Callis.[1a]


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