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Dragons are creatures of vast power capable of slaughtering whole armies with their claws, horns, fangs and their elemental breath, but only when roused from their slumber. They are found in many factions, but are primarily used by the Aelves of Order as mounts.[2][3][4][5][1a][1c]



Dragons of a unspecified type that are ridden into battle by the Drakeseers and Archmages of the Eldritch Council and the Dragonlords of the Order Draconis. They can unleash a blast of dragonfire from their maws.[1c][1d]

Black Dragons

Black Dragons or obisidian-scaled dragons ridden into battle by the Dreadlords of the Order Serpentis and the Sorceresses of the Darkling Covens. They are known to lay waste to entire armies with their dagger-like claws and their breath, vomiting a cloud of foul, noxious gas that chokes those in it. They are know to lay waste to entire armies with dagger-like claws[1a][1b]

Carmine Dragon

Carmine Dragons are winged dragons saturated with the arcane power of Shyish, such is its potency that their raking claws and fangs ripple with amethyst magic. Their roars and gouts of amethyst flame that erupts from their maws are infused with dark energy able strip and sheer those it terrifies of their very souls, leaving behind only glowing piles of purple ash. The amethyst nature of these draconic creatures allows it to force an spell to be ineffective on itself with just a single thought. They can fly. Their hide is composed of deathly dark scales that is nigh impenetrable and can ignore all but the strongest of blows.[1f]

Magma Dragon

Magma Dragons are primordial and vicious dragons, some of the most malevolent and strongest of their kind. These flying creatures have enormous crushing claws and furnace-hot jaws, gullet burning with the intensity of a raging volcano, covered in fangs can easily tear most of their preys to shreds and crush stone and steel with ease. When angered they can incinerate their foes with jets of Brimstone Dragonfire, gouts of whitehot fire that leaves behind only cinders. The lifeblood of these beasts is molten rock and when it is wounded, the blood spilled is like standing besides a volcano eruption.[1e][6]

Sun Dragon

Sun Dragons are a type of dragon. One of these creatures, Axranthos, was captured by the Iron Golems to heat and fuel their forge-complexes in the Ferrium Mountains. Sun Dragons spew streams of magma, rather than fire.[8a][8b]

Moon Dragon

Moon Dragons are a type of dragon. One of these creatures was imprisoned within Jercho.[9a]

Toad Dragon

Toad Dragons are bulky dragons with long lashing tongues.[1h]

Notable Toad Dragons

Warpfire Dragon

Warpfire Dragons are ruinous dragons, members of a rare, twisted and malformed branch of dragonking and malignant Monsters of Chaos. They can fly and attack with their twisted, barbed claws and snapping jaws, filled with rows of jagged teeth and caustic saliva. They are spite-filled and ruinous creatures that delight in the destruction and mutilation of their foes, specially when they spit gouts of mutilating warpfire, scintillating flames that cause rapid and grotesque mutations in those it touch, reshaping their victims in grotesque configurations of their former selves until they die. When they dies the burning morass of ruinous energies that seethes within them explodes in a raging blast of anarchic energy and unleashed fire that reduces their foes to mounds of malformed flesh and scorches the land.[1g][7]



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