Mechanical Horse

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Mechanical Horses are commonly used in the Free Cities as a means of transporting people and goods with ease. They were created by the Ironweld Arsenal, often incorporating the knowledge and expertise of fallen civilizations like the Agloraxi Empire.[1a][2a]


Such mechanical steeds are employed by many of the Free Cities of the God-King's empire. Such as Brightspear where they are used to transport nobles and goods and Excelsis where they are used to haul artillery trains.[1a][2a]


The ones used in the Free City of Brightspear are used by combining Ironweld expertise with Agloraxi technology dredged up from the Undercity, the Agloraxi ruins located below the city. This type is in truth just one of many frames for the same sort of automaton used to trasnsport goods in the city. With spiders and salamanders also being common frames.[1a]