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Dracothion the Celestial Drake
Grimnir slaying Vulcatrix during the Age of Myth.

Zodiac Godbeasts, Zodiacal Monsters or simply Godbeasts are deific creatures born from the energies of the Mortal Realms. They are beyond the scope of mortal reckoning, known most often in legends and myths. But these powerful titans are very real and found all across the Mortal Realms, existing above the natural order of things.[3][6][11][26][27a]

Some of these entities have formed alliances with Sigmar's Pantheon of Order, the cosmic drake Dracothion is perhaps the most notable of these, while others have fell under the sway of Chaos. Many others remain unaligned, with their agendas being unknown to all save themselves.[26]

Evidence of these deific creatures can be found all across the Realms. Their bones are scattered across the Realm of Ghur, their likenesses can be found in temples, and the remains of some have even been turned into weapons. While many of the known Godbeasts are animalistic in appearance, not all of them are, such as Drakatoa the Living Avalanche.[26]

Known Godbeasts

Sigmar slaying Ymnog during the Age of Myth.
  • Argentine, the Silver Wyrm: The warpfire breath of this zodiacal serpent heats the Great Crucible creating rivers of silver that run through the Hanging valleys.[2b]
  • Behemat, the World Titan: A colossal creature of living stone that slumbers in Ghyran. Also called the Star Gargant and is rumoured to be the ancestor of Aleguzzler Gargants.[4][6]
  • Drakatoa, the Living Avalanche of Ghyrria: A mountainous mass of primordial amber with a malign sentience.[25a]
  • Gnorros, the Father of Hydragors: A godbeast that attacked Sigmar during the Age of Myth.[8d]
  • Ignax, the Solar Drake: A massive serpentine beast formerly imprisoned in the Ashlands of Aqshy. Ignax was freed and corrupted by Archaon.[4]
  • Nyxtor: The father of the seventeen-headed heptadecagors.[5]
  • Skalok: The Skull Host of Khorne. A mighty dragoness that was hunted down by Vorgaroth the Scarred, and is now ridden into battle as his mount.[15]
  • Vulcatrix, the Mother of Salamanders, the Ur-Salamander: The fire wyrm that first birthed flame into the worlds. Slain by Grimnir.[1c][3]
  • Vytrix, the Crystal Cockatrice: The zodiacal creature that devours the silver rivers of Anvrok. [2a]
  • Ymnog, Grandfather of Gargants: The zodiacal sire of Behemat, slain by Sigmar during the Age of Myth.[4]


There are several creatures who have not been called Zodiac Godbeasts or synonyms, but might be as they share traits or have similar titles as them. The following is a speculative list of possible godbeasts:

  • Jorhar: The Ur-bear whose heart was eaten by the first Beastclaw Ogor.


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