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Nordrath is a major city of Realm of Azyr located in the Nordrath Mountains in the Realm of Azyr. [1a]

It is the sister city of Gravewild (previously known as Caddow) in the Realm of Shyish. [1]


The city is ruled by a Conclave. [1a]


Age of Myth

In the Age of Myth, Deathrattle kings would travel to the city to test their skills with the lance in friendly tourneys whilst Soulblight lords and ladies would arrive in state to view the sights of Azyr. Together the two cities celebrated the Carnival of Crows at the turning of the season. At this time, due to their influence in two Realms the Lorcus family even had a seat on the Grand Conclave of Azyrheim. [1b]


The city has cobbled streets and cramped lanes. [1a]

  • Great Temple of Sigmar: Its celestial orrery was created by Uccello Grymwine, who had designed and built the even larger one for the cathedral of Sigmar in Azyrheim. [1a]
  • Plaza of Crows: Once a vast market place - one of the largest in the realm with hundreds of stone berths for aether craft. As the Age of Myth fell apart in war, it was heavily fortified. A pair of giant orichalcum pillars, carved to resemble a flock of birds in flight mark the entrance, high stone bastions surround it, their cannons aimed at the Corvine Gate itself. [1a]
    • Corvine Gate: A realmgate that links Nordrath with its sister city in Shyish, like all the gates to Azyr it was sealed at the end of Age of Myth and was only released by order of Sigmar to allow Caddow to be reclaimed by Albain Lorcus, second son of Duke Lorcus. [1a]




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