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Gods-Mourning is a festival that takes place on the first day of Highspright, the fifth month of the Azyrheim Calendar. It is a celebration meant to commemorate the explosive deaths of Grimnir and Vulcatrix.[1a][2a] Typically in Aqshy it is celebrated in both the Cities of Sigmar and the magmaholds of the Fyreslayers, with much singing and drinking.[3a]

Festivities By City and Culture

  • In the Free City of Brightspear the celebration has taken the form of a sky-rocket festival, with celebrants firing the colorful incendiaries into the sky, often while intoxicated. Freeguild Fire Marshals are exceptionally busy on this festival day, as the city nearly burns down every year. As a result the fire marshals petition the Conclave of Brightspear, asking them to ban the most potent sky-rockets. Members of the Ironweld Arsenal, who profit from rebuilding the city and the sell of such incendiaries, lobby against such reforms.[2a]
  • The Collegiate Arcane will often put on spectacular, explosive displays during Gods-Mourning Night.[4a]
  • This festival is of particular importance to the Fyreslayers who celebrate it in many unique ways. The Lodges in the Realm of Aqshy celebrate with singing and dancing. Other lodges celebrate it in their own fashion, such as the Ulrung who sing funerary dirges in their mourning, or the Lofnir, who hunt across Ghur for beasts and monsters to slay in single combat.[3a]