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The Cults Unberogen are the disparate Sigmarate faiths that are spread all across Sigmar's Empire in the Mortal Realms. These cults, their sub-cults, many branches and forms play an instrumental role in inspiring the Free Peoples to join in Dawnbringer Crusades.[1][2a][18a][20a]


Each Cult Unberogen has its own hierarchy, though they tend to be led by a Pontifex.[5a][8a][18a][20a] The lower-ranking echelons of the Cults are comprised of a wide variety of Ministers, Prelates, Arch Lectors, Grand Lectors, Lectors and Deacons.[5a][8a][14b][15a][17a]

In the Cities of Sigmar there appears to be little uniformity among the leadership of the cults. In the Twin-Tailed City of Hammerhal the cults are overseen by the Supreme Pontifex.[16a][20a] While figures known as the Grand Patris and High Theogonist appear to play leading roles in the Free City of Fort Denst and the Free City of Excelsis respectively.[7c][12a]

In the Realm of Azyr the Arch War-Priestess, whose seat is located in the Eternal City of Azyrheim, serves as the nominal leader of an immense church known as the Church of Azyr or Azyrite Church.[9a] Within the hierarchy of the churches of Azyr are the Grand Theogonists of Azyr, twelve high-ranking members of the clergy.[6b]



Part of the doctrine preached by most Cults is that the wilderness of the Mortal Realms is the birthright of any who are brave and intrepid enough to lay claim to them. Though their sermons are encouraging and full of golden promises, the reality is much grimmer, for the Realms are dangerous and few that seek to carve out their place in them survive unscathed.[1]

The core teachings of the Church of Azyr are based on Azyrite traditions. Though not all sects and cults within it follow this dogma, instead using subscribing to their own.[9a]

The scriptures of the Intimations of the Comet, a core holy book of many Sigmarite faiths, contain various teachings. It claims that Sigmar protects the hearts of mankind and empowers those who wields his power in holy purpose, that the strong should protect the weak, that the faithful should be willing to accept aid from others, and that the Sigmar blesses those who smite the unjust or else aids in seeing them smited.[7a][7b][13a]

Interpretations of Sigmar

Throughout the Mortal Realms many different interpretations and aspects of Sigmar are worshipped, the following are among those venerated by the Cults:

  • In the Realm of Aqshy Sigmar is commonly worshipped as a twin-tailed comet, which sets alight entire nations whenever it strikes the ground.[1]
  • In the Realm of Shyish Sigmar is venerated as a liberating monarch, with a crown made of dark lightning set upon his brow.[1]
  • In the Realm of Ghyran Sigmar is depicted as a giant wrapped in vines. This depiction is a reference to an ancient tale of him and the Everqueen.[1]
  • In the Realm of Chamon Sigmar is known as the Golden Lord, an entity whose glory is so profound that to gaze upon him is to learn the poverty of the soul.[1]


The following is a list of known scripture of the Cult and their many subcults:

Known Cults Unberogen

List of Cults Unberogen

Subcults and Other Organizations

The Cults Unberogen boast many subcults and sects, some of which are considered radical or unorthodox. During the Age of Chaos tales of star lizards told by fleeing refugees give rise to a number of sub-cults that believe these lizards to be manifestations of Dracothion, though they are suppressed by orthodox priests these sub-cults continue to persist in secret. Centuries later the heroics of Kroak at the Siege of Excelsis see him venerated as a guardian spirit by some radical sects.[11a]

  • Faithful of Saint Garradan: A sect venerating Saint Garradan has found purchase in the city of Demesnus. It is believed that in life Garradan tended to the sick, fed the poor, and fought daemons with a silver sword, though the saint himself recalls it was a candlestick. It is believed he watches over the sick still.[4b]
  • Order of the Dove: A mendicant order who run hospices throughout the Cities of Sigmar. They worship Sigmar as the Caretaker of Humanity.[19a]


Celestial Saints, or Sigmarite Saints, play an important role in the faithful of a lot of Sigmarite religions.[3a][4a][4b] The Church Unberogen is no different in this regard.[2a]

There are many among the Hallowed Knights, the most zealous of Sigmar's Stormhosts, who wish to see Lord-Celestant Gardus Steel Soul elevated to the position of Lord-Commander and made a true saint of the Church Unberogen.[2a]

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