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This page contains spoilers for: Heart of Winter (novella)

Gallanglaen is an Aelven Wanderer waywatcher, hunter and mercenary than can often be found in the city of Izalend in the Realm of Ghur [1] He makes his home in the dockland district of Izalend, below the Paupers Wall in an abandoned church. The building still houses a shrine to Alarielle which he maintains to an immaculate standard. [1a]


A tall thin aelf, invariably hooded and carrying his longbow which is almost as tall as he is. His slim ridge of hair is now thin and grey, the remaining scalp tattooed with script.[1a]


During the Age of Chaos, Gallanglaen's people fled to the Realm of Azyr but when Sigmar reopened the gates to the other Mortal Realms they travelled to Ghur looking to make a new home in the ancient Druichan Forest near the newly founded city of Izalend.[1b]

The Aerchhoi, the Sylvaneth that dwelt within the forest at first tried to threaten and scare the aelves out of their domain but were only met with attempts to appease them, seeking to build on their mutual worship of Alarielle. One day as Gallanglaen was hunting spirehorns, the aerchhoi struck, slaughtering all of his kinfolk, stringing up his king on one of the highest oaks. He retreated to the city, drowning his sorrows in drink.[1b]

Following his restoration to the mastership of the Brotherhood of Larcenists Malvo L'Polche Guinmark‎‎ sought him out to act as a guide for Arika Zenthe who intended to enter the Druichan forest seeking the Heart of Winter. Although reluctant at first, she offered him enough Glimmerings to keep himself drunk until the end of all things.[1a]

He led them into the heart of the forest assisting in claiming the artefact.[1c] Then Malvo, Gallanglean and Broukan Hammerlung sneaked onto the Eternity of Torment whilst Arika was distracting her father, the aelf and the duardin killing any corsairs that discovered them. When they reached the feeding pit, Malvo threw the Heart into a mouth of the ghorvorasc slaying it and destroying the Black Ark.[1e]


I am old, even for our kind. Old and tired. Perhaps in my younger days I might have marched into the depths of the Druichan and slain as many aerchhoi as my arrows could reach. Instead I slunk away and found solace in the bottle. No doubt you think me a coward for not avenging my people.

~ Gallanglaen to Arika Zenthe.[1b]


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