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A realmgate.

Realmgates are shimmering portals used by the inhabitants of the Mortal Realms to travel across and between them.[1]

The Realmgates of the Realms form an unseen network extending both within and without the borders of a given realm connecting points separated by oceans, or even by the void between the Realms. Every realmgate is unique with some resembling shimmering wounds in the fabric of reality, others take the form of immense rune etched stone gateways or portcullises forged from mystic iron. Some are humble, hidden things, known only to a few. [10b]

Many have been corrupted by Chaos, others destroyed and some sealed by the Slann, they remain a vital resource and strategic asset to be secured and fought over by the powers of the Mortal Realms. [10b]


All realmgates are ancient, the oldest known having existed well before the first Human cities. [10b]

Before the Ages

Ancient Azyrite texts indicate that the first realmgates were formed by the progenitors of the Seraphons, a race known as the Old Ones.[10a] It is them who taught the slanns the principles of Realmgate technology.[14a] Scholars even believe that the slanns were partially responsible for constructing the realmgates present in the World-That-Was. [14a]

Age of Myth

Various adventuerers and sages attempt to count, detail and map the realmgates but few achived any measure of success, with many going insane. Those few maps which were created of some elements of the network are highly valued and sought after. [10b]

The Realmgates themselves shuddered when Archaon and his armies began their incursion from the Realm of Chaos.[6]

Age of Chaos

Some Realmgates have become corrupted by Chaos and lead to various regions within the Realm of Chaos.[7]

Having no need to use them, but seeing the importance of the Realmgates to the forces of Chaos, the Slann weave spells that change the alignment of many gateways altering their destination forever.[7]

Age of Sigmar

Realmgate Wars

The realmgates were important in the war that heralded the Age of Sigmar named after them. Each time a Stormcast conquered a realmgate, Lord-Castellants would man them while the Dispossessed and the Ironweld would build fortified town around it, which would later grow into cities.[8b]

Types of Gates