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The Allpoints.

The Allpoints is an inter-realm island, connected to each of the Mortal Realms by Realmgates known as the All-Gates. It has since been renamed by the forces of Chaos as the Eightpoints.[1a]


The Allpoints was an important nexus of travel that was used in the Age of Myth.[1a]

Knowing that the Allpoints was key to conquering the Mortal Realms, Archaon attacked every All-Gates simultaneously. Sigmar's armies managed to hold out the ferocity of chaos, failing only when Nagash side deserted them. After Archaon's conquest he created a gateway to the Realm of Chaos within and renamed the area the Eightpoints.[2]

It was after this conquest that Archaon raised the Varanspire.[2b]

In the Age of Sigmar and realizing Sigmar's plan to reconquer the Realmgates, Archaon decided to reinforce the Eightpoints.[2]

While the Realmgate Wars were happening, Sigmar's gaze was constantly drawn to the Allpoints where one of his greatest foes resided, the Everchosen.[3]

Emplacement of the Allpoints at the center of the Mortal Realms


  • Varanspire: Archaon's main stronghold in the Mortal Realms.[2b]
  • Bloodwind Spoil: is a heavily populated stretch of the Eightpoints between two highways leading to Chamon and Ghur.[4]
  • Flayhaunt: One of the twisted cities of the Eightpoints.[5a]
  • Varanthax's Maw: A daemonic forge built into the skeleton of a long-dead drake.[7a]