Mercurial Gate

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The Mercurial Gate is a vital Realmgate that leads from the Realm of Chamon to the Allpoints. [1a]


Age of Myth

Sigmar bids Grungni construct powerful strongholds around the realmgate, interlocking fortresses that can support each other and can even move being mounted on metal gears. In addition even if the defences are breached the Molten Sea is deadly to most and contains many monsters in its depths. [1a]

Age of Chaos

Eight times does Archaon lead mighty armies against the gate defences and eight times he is defeated until this becomes the last realmgate leading to the Allpoints save those of the Realm of Azyr not to have fallen. However aided by the sorcery of the forces of Tzeentch, the ninth assault is successful. [1a]

Age of Sigmar

At the end of the Realmgate Wars, Sigmar seeks to close all the gates to the Allpoints, unable to find Grungni to assist him in taking the Mercurial Gate, he must rely on his own Stormcast Eternals and Fyreslayers to break the fortress. The many lords of the slayers all declared the fortress unbreakable but only one, Runefather Hursgar-Grimnir, master of the Greyfyrd said it could be bypassed. [1b]

Hursgar led a strong contingent of his slayers with a Stormcast force commanded by Thostos Bladestorm to tunnel deep into the realm and look to emerge on one of the Bastion islands. Forty entire Chambers of Stormcast and many other Slayers assaulted the fortress directly to distract any defenders but with little hope of breaching the fortress itself. [1b] The plan worked initially, the garrison of the bastion where they emerged had dispatched much of its forces to the outer defences and the forces of Order quikcly overcame them. [1c]

However, sleeping in the depths of the Molten Sea was the Godbeast Argentine and now it was awoken and it arose, breathing warpfire across the isle, killing half the slayers and many Stormcast. Luckily Dracothion had been watching and with a blast of energy challenged his rival which Argentine was happy to meet. [1c] Thostos those that remained of his force across the bridge that led to the final keep thaat guarded the gate and they were met on the vast bridge by those Ironguard that had not been dispatched to the outer defences. [1d]

These guards were without direct magical support and quickly defeated, but all the warriors of Order felt insidious whispers and doubt in their minds. Then Archaon himself arrived with his Varanguard.[1d] Seeing little chance of victory, Thostos ordered the majority of his force to retreat keeping only some Prosecutors and Liberators to form a shield wall, where they were joined by Hursgar-Grimnir who had sent the rest of his lodge back to the bastion. [1e]

As Archaon butchered his way through the Stormcast, Hursgar attempted to reach Stilskeen, but all was interrupted by a celestial bolt of energy from the wounded but victorious Dracothion.[1e] This gave the surviving slayers including Hursgar time to leave the field of battle. Thostos and his few stormcast killed many of the Varanguard, but then Archaon confronted the final three survivors and despite Thostos managing to land a good blow upon him, he took his head, feeding his soul and body to his mount making sure no soul would ascend to Ayzr. The Mercurial Gate would remain in the possession of Chaos. [1e]


  • Bastion Islands.[1a]
  • Citadel of the Ironholds. [1a]
  • Crystal Spines [1a]
  • Irontrack Road. [1a]
  • Mecurial Gate.[1a]
  • The Great Tower of Summoning. [1a]
  • The Molten Sea: A deadly ocean of metal which has strange armoured monsters in its depths. [1a]
  • The Silver Arch. [1a]
  • The Siver Beacon [1a]


  • Trispherix: Sorcerer in charge of the bastion where the Slayers and Stormcast emerged, he survived long enough to awaken Argentine before being cut down by Thostos. [1c]


Grimnir’s Axe! That is Argentine, bane of my forefolk. Take the Mercurial Gate was the oath, and I thought it could be done. But nothing was said of godbeasts!

~ Hursgar-Grimnir to Thostos Bladestorm.[1c]



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