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The Genesis Gate is a vital Realmgate that leads from the Realm of Ghyran to the Allpoints. [1a]


Age of Myth

The gate had been discovered within a series of beautiful anchored shimmerfalls, floating islands that poured out immense waterfalls filled with the magic of the realm. The largest of the gate complex led directly to the Allpoints. [1a]

It became a well used trade and travel route between Realms, with even Alarielle herself using it to journey to the Realm of Azyr with her retinue as part of the Pantheon. [1c]

As the Age of Chaos dawned, huge walls and fortifcations were errected to protect it. [1c]

Age of Chaos

During the Age of Chaos, forces of all the powers of Chaos had intially attacked the gate and were driven back but as support from other realms became less the Sylvaneth and their goddess were left to fight alone. At the Battle of Grindlelobe, Archaon led the combined forcecs of Chaos to victory driving the Sylvaneth into retreat and claiming the gate. It was gifted to Nurgle and his followers to hold and transform and became a horrific nightmare vision of what had been before. [1a]

The landshoals were set loose to drift and became vast jellyfish like creatures surmounted with flesh domes that contained toxic air which frustrated attempts by the Oakenbrow Glade to take back the Gate. [1a] Different favoured minons of Nurgle changed and expanded the various defences that surrounded the gate which they now called the Ring of Corruption, seven vast strongholds of festing living plague arose to defend it, whilst above the ring floated the Dripping Fortress which Glottkin topk over when they were instructed Nurgle to guard the gate. [1c]

Age of Sigmar

Realmgate Wars

As the Realmgate Wars drew to a conclussion, a Royal Moot called by Alarielle jouined with the forces of Sigmar and pledged to take back the gate as part of a larger campign being waged by Sigmar. First strike would be against the most corrupted of the Landshoals from where the toxic air seeemd to be being produced and which also housed the central main gate. [1a]

Blessed by the goddess of life herself, the strike teams managed to reach the vast islands and began to fight their way through their foul defences. The survivors were to discover that at its heart was the Great Unclean One, Pustrol from which the deadily mist eminated, many died fighting him but at last a Star-fated Arrow shot by Tornus the Redeemed slew the daemon. [1b]

As this took place and full of wrath, Alarielle launched the assault, new growth blooming in her own wake. She forze the toxin tendrils of the landshoals to give the attacking force to navigate them to assault the seven strongholds. Although heavy losses were suffered, once Pustrol was slain, Alarielle was able to banish the remnants of the poison fog. The Celestant-Prime destroyed the defences and lord of Gorlich Towers and the deadly bells of Witherhall but it was now the Goddess of Life who crashed through the defences and defenders alike. [1d]

She advanced swiftly towards the gate, drawing the attention of the Glottkin as their defence began to fail, not helped by the Skaven launchng their own attack on Castle Flyblown seeking to capture its lord. They smashed their way in and overcame the defenders, capturing the Master of the Gadcoven and opening a gnawhole to retreat safely to Blight City. [1e] A climatic battle raged between Alarielle and the Glottkin but the outcome was never in doubt and once they were defeated, she turned to the corrupted gate, her power restoring the waters and closing the gate to the Allpoints. [1f]


  • Bastion of Filth: One of the seven fortresses. [1d]
  • Black Wake: The trail of corruption that was left behind the mutated landshoals. [1d]
  • Castle Flyblown: One of the seven fortresses. [1c]
  • Conseptik: One of the three rivers that was made up of the foulness that comes from the Filthfalls. [1d]
  • Contagios: One of the three rivers that was made up of the foulness that comes from the Filthfalls. [1d]
  • Coruptis: One of the three rivers that was made up of the foulness that comes from the Filthfalls. [1d]
  • Dripping Fortress: Command hub of the Nurgle defences. [1c]
  • Filthfall: A great torrent of effluvia that constantly flowed out of the gate when controlled by Nurgle. [1d]
  • Gorlich Towers: One of the seven fortresses. [1c]
  • Hornspire:: Largest of the seven fortresses. [1d]
  • Splintered Spikes: Skaven Stronghold, one of the seven fortresses, built atop and within a tormented beast held in place by warpstone spears. [1c]
  • Witherhall: One of the seven fortresses. [1d]



You would challenge a God?

~ Alarielle to the Glottkin.[1f]



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