Brimfire Gate

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The Brimfire Gate is the Arcway of Aqshy, connecting the Realm of Fire to the Allpoints. Despite being heavily defended by Khornate forces, the Stormcast Eternals managed to seal the realmgate during the Realmgate Wars.[1a]


The Brimfire Gate is located in the Fireplains in the ruins of the nation of Bellicos. To reach the gate, one must pass over the Brass Mountains and travel across the only bridge over the Black Abyss before passing through eight great Chaos Dreadholds, each mightier than the last, in order to reach the realmgate itself.[1a]


The Brimfire Gate is a monolithic arc of fire leading to the Burning Path that leads to the Allpoints.[1a]


Age of Myth

The Twelve Mortal Tribes of Bellicos build their eponymous city-state around the Brimfire Gate.[1a]

Age of Chaos

The Battle of the Burning Skies is fought on the Fireplains. The Twelve Tribes rally around Sigmar and join his forces, though it does not stop the God-King's armies from being defeated or Sigmar himself losing Ghal Maraz.[2a] The remnants of the Twelve Tribes retreat with Sigmar to Azyr.[3]

Khorne personally razes the remnants of Bellicos so thoroughly that nothing has ever grown there again, causing the region to be renamed the Fellbarrens. He creates the Brass Mountains to defend the realmgate and uses his sword to cleave through the realm itself and make the Black Abyss. A series of dreadholds are built to defend the gate, should an enemy manage to scale the mountains and cross the only bridge over the abyss.[1a] The fortifications are so extensive that the dreadholds become known as the Eight-castles-that-were-one.[1b]

Realmgate Wars

Vandus Hammerhand is tasked to lead the Stormcast Eternals in an assault on the Brimfire Gate.[1a] The wards of the Pyrevault Redoubt, the first of the eight fortresses guarding the realmgate, means that the first strike teams arrive from Azyr well outside the walls, but the Prosecutors and Knights-Venator in these teams are armed with specially blessed stormcaller javelins that can ground Sigmar's lightning, allowing other Stormcast to arrive wherever the weapons land. The hit-and-run assault repeats at each of the subsequent fortresses, the winged Stormcasts staying out of range of the Bloodbound defenders and peppering them with stormcaller javelins in anticipation of the main assault to come.[1b]

The unexpected appearance of Skarbrand at the last fortress, the Great Skullhold, nearly derails the plan, with Stormcast overcome by rage attacking directly instead of maintaining their hit-and-run strategy. However, the Stormcast manage to break the Brass Chain fettering the mad Bloodthirster, making him as much a liability as an asset to the defenders.[1c]

Unable to hold off the assault any longer, Stormcast land in the seven fortresses that had been successfully hit by stormcaller javelins just as the Fyreslayers hired by the Stormcast arrive overland.[1e] The simultaneous assaults overwhelm the defenders of the outer dreadholds, but also awaken the enslaved godbeast Ignax, who had also been tasked to guard the gate.[1d] At great cost, the Runesmiter Dorryc Claimblade takes control of Auriakh, the Father Rune of Binding that had been hammered into Ignax's flesh, turning the godbeast on the Chaos forces.[1f] Ignax destroys multiple dreadholds[1e] and breaches the lava-sealed walls of the Bloodcombe before the rune fails due to the heat and the godbeast departs, free for the first time since being bound by Grimnir in the Age of Myth.[1f]

Skarbrand, meanwhile, has slaughtered every soul in the Great Skullhold and charges into the melee at the Bloodcombe as the Khornate lines begin to falter. After the Bloodthirster cleaves through the Hammers Draconis Extremis Chamber and their Lord-Celestant, Imperius, Vandus Hammerhand succeeds in slaying the Greater Daemon. With no organized resistance remaining, the Stormcast are free to seal the gate.[1g]