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Sky-paths are hidden airborne realmgates. The High Airs are crisscrossed with these mysterious realmgates that can be so titanic that entire sky-ports can pass through them. A great many of these sky-paths are known only by the various Admirals Council.[3a][1a]

The trade routes of the Kharadron Overlords pass through the sky-paths. The Kharadron invariably fortify those realmgates with zonbeks and ensure that they remain within the control of the Kharadron Empire.[1a]

Navigational Charts

The Nav-Leagues regularly publish detailed navigational charts describing every known and half-known sky-path within a given region of the Mortal Realms. Each new printing are divided by edition, one for each Mortal Realm, and further subdivided into volumes covering regions of the realm in question.[4a]

These tomes are nicknamed The Book by the Kharadron pilots who rely on them. They normally carry with them one version covering the regions they will traverse.[4a]

Known Sky-paths